Read about the people who help make the Brathay Windermere Marathon and 10 in 10 such unique events

  • Brathay Marathon Team

    • Gary Haughton

    • Scott Umpleby - Race Director

      Scott Umpleby

      I joined Brathay Trust in 2001 and held various management roles before becoming Head of Fundraising in January 2009. I’m now responsible for developing Brathay’s fundraising strategy and managing the Fundraising Team to ensure the sustainability of funds across all of our regions.

      We’re committed to developing a distinctive events programme, with the Brathay Windermere Marathon being our flagship event. Thank you to all organisations and individuals who have helped to develop the event into what is now considered one of the most enjoyable and special road marathons in Europe. The funds raised from the Brathay Windermere Marathon and 10 in 10 directly support thousands of disengaged and vulnerable children and young people. Many marathon runners have embraced the charitable nature of our event and help to improve the lives of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people.

      It’s a pleasure to work with a team of dedicated colleagues to continue developing the Marathon and 10 in 10. I’m now responsible for delivering the charitable objectives of the event, in terms of donations and sponsorship to support our mission, and activity to promote Brathay’s cause in the media.

      I’ve been running, and climbing, in the mountains for over 30 years, having competed regularly in fell and endurance running events. My running highlights include circuits of the Bob Graham Round, first in 1990, and again in December 1999 in full winter conditions. I’m also a member of Alpine Club and Fell Runners Association.

      I look forward to welcoming runners to our events for many years to come.
    • Ali Harris - Events + Donor Development officer

      I have worked at Brathay since 2008 as part of the fundraising team following a move to the Lake District after living in the French Alps for 5 years. My previous experience centres around tourism but I was looking for a new challenge so joined Brathay’s fundraising team as a Fundraising co-ordinator.

      A large part of my role involves the organisation and administration of Brathay’s fundraising events to raise much needed funds to support our work with children and young people. The Brathay Windermere marathon and the 10 in 10 are the largest fundraising events in Brathay’s calendar and I enjoy organising large events and seeing people completing the personal challenges they have set themselves. 

      I look forward to developing Brathay’s fundraising events and helping to raise Brathay’s charitable profile in the future.
    • Alyson Knowles

      Alyson Knowles

      I have worked for Brathay Trust for the last 12 years and currently hold the post of Staffing Officer.  My role involves matching the most appropriate member of permanent staff or associate consultant to specific events and programmes. Getting the match right is vital to ensure the Young People get the best possible experience. Working in such an inspirational place, with some fantastic people and seeing first hand the great work we do is very rewarding. 

      Having moved away from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales I now live in Ulverston with my husband Mac (an outdoor education teacher) and sons Gareth (22) and Morgan (14), who are all keen rugby players and enthusiasts.

      I didn’t start running until I was well in my 30’s. In fact I have to admit I was a bit of a couch potato – overweight and not at all fit.

      I ran my first marathon in London at the age of 38, 5 months after the birth of Morgan, in a time of 4:58. I then went on to run a few more marathons (all London) and a few 2 day mountain marathons. 

      My 5th marathon was in 2007 – the Brathay Windermere Marathon. Leading up to this event the inaugural 10in10 was taking place. I watched these 7 athletes in awe of what they were achieving. How on earth could they run 10 marathons, 262 miles in 10 days – madness!!

      However, I was inspired and the seed was sown.

      In 2008 the 10in10 event included 3 ladies. It was then that I started to believe that maybe I could be a part of that elite group if I was to train hard and mentally prepare.

      I entered the 2009 event and I gradually built my mileage up from 20-25 miles a week to over 70. I ran back to back marathons, trained in wet and wintry Lake District weather conditions, and clocked up another 6 official marathons over the year. My Personal Best time of 3:44 was achieved in April at Lochaber – 2 weeks before the 10in10. Everything had gone to plan and I went into the event feeling fit and strong and mentally prepared.

      It was amazing!!!

      I completed the 10in10 in 2009 and once again in 2010. I am proud to be a part of a special group of elite athletes who have completed this event.  Also, to have raised over £8000 has meant young people have benefitted directly from my experience. It made the pain all worth while. 

      Details of my journey and what I went through can be found by visiting my section in the Blogs on this website.

      This year I have taken on the organisation of the 10in10. I have supported the runners over the last 12 months and will do my best to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible for them. I am looking forward to being a part of the 10in10 for many years to come.

      The 10in10 epitomises what Brathay is all about….inspirational people who inspire others.

  • Volunteers

    • Lesley Gill

      Lesley  Gill

      I’ve been connected with Brathay for over 24 years as Andy, my husband,  has worked there in the Corporate Development team for what seems like forever.

      Brathay’s work with young people is well known and highly thought of by many. In my own work in the social care sector I meet a great many people and somehow Brathay and its work often comes up in conversation and it’s clear that Brathay’s development work with young people is well known and valued. Colleagues and associates generally know someone who has been to Brathay and had a fantastic experience. It could be their own child who went with Young Farmers or another youth group, or an adult who has been involved in training e.g. colleagues in Children’s Services. No matter who they are, they all talk very positively about Brathay and the opportunities it provides. 

      Whilst talking about Brathay we mustn’t forget the great Corporate work that takes place too, as not only does this raise funding for the children’s/young people’s development work but also raises the profile of Brathay’s charitable work amongst corporate clients’ whose staff then get involved in fundraising for Brathay themselves. 

      As Andy spends a fair amount of time away from home working, but also enjoys getting involved in big Brathay fundraising projects such as the Marathon and Row Runner, I need to work with him if I want to see him - hence me getting involved as a Marathon volunteer. That sounds like I volunteer under sufferance and I don’t. It’s a great day with lots of camaraderie and a fantastic atmosphere so no hardship apart from getting up really early. Task wise I’ve stocked water stations, given out radio’s to course marshals, directed runners through road works (only once) and picked up the occasional runner that hasn’t been able to complete the course. 

      The best part of the day is definitely the atmosphere. It’s absolutely electric – before the marathon starts, during the run, at the finishing line and the celebrations afterwards. 

      Runners have told me that what makes the day so special for them is the course itself and the organisation behind the run.  Whilst they find the course really hard work because of the hills, the majestic views they see on the way round seems to compensate for the pain. Additionally they appreciate the organisation that helps them have a successful day. 

      The first year I volunteered I was extremely moved by a woman that was undergoing chemotherapy who had managed to get close to Bowness before feeling too tired to carry on running.  She was absolutely amazing and delighted in what she’d achieved rather than focusing on not finishing. Her attitude was truly inspirational. 

      Have I been inspired to run the marathon? Yes but I’m waiting for the Wi fit version. 

      What do I think of the 10 in 10 runners? They’re amazing, inspirational and completely barking.  I’m wincing in agony just thinking about them.
    • Debbie Shearer

      Debbie Shearer

      2010 was the first time I had volunteered to man a water station, as part of the Cumberland Building Society's sponsorship of the event (I'm Branch Manager Kendal, Windermere & Ambleside). I've worked for them for 21 years and in my spare time I volunteer for the RSPB in Haweswater, helping to look after England's only Golden Eagle.

      I was bowled over by the organisation of the marathon. Everything is meticulously planned and works like a well oiled machine. There is a real sense of community and the atmosphere at the water station when the runners come by is electric - especially early on when lots appear at the same time. My over-riding memory though, is the appreciation of the runners. They were all so polite and some actually thank us for volunteering to be there - yes, people who are mid-way through a gruelling 26 miles are taking the time to thank the support staff - incredible.

      Why is the event so enjoyable? On the basis that any form of marathon running is enjoyable! The best bit of this one must surely be the stunning scenery which they are running around.

      Anecdotes? Well, there's the utter madness of the 10 in 10 runners and the politeness and gratitude of the runners we handed drinks to - really couldn't get over that!

      Have I been inspired to run the marathon myself? For a very brief time. However, my water station was very early on so the runners still looked fresh... the thought soon left my head when I saw them on the other side of the lake!

      I'd rank the athletes taking part (on a scale of 1 to 10) as follows: Main runners, 11 - absolutely barking. 10 in 10 runners - off the scale, utterly insane!

    • The Freemasons

      The Freemasons

      Freemasons have always regarded Charity, the care and support of those less fortunate than ourselves, as one of our most important principles. It is fitting that the Freemasons' Grand Charity have made donations to Brathay Trust during the past few years to assist them in their aims of integrating disadvantaged young people into society. But we know that not only must we give money but our time as well. This is why the Freemasons' Province of Cumberland and Westmorland has been delighted to join our colleagues in the Province of West Lancashire in marshalling the annual Brathay Windermere Marathon; not only does this splendid event provide important funds for Brathay but enables the many competitors to raise sponsorship for their favourite charities.

      Every year we marvel at the athleticism and determination of the runners, and can barely believe than anyone can possibly tackle ten marathons in ten days! And we all so much enjoy a great day out too! 

      As our Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. Norman James Thompson says "The Freemasons Grand Charity is a supporter of the Brathay Trust on a national basis and locally the Freemasons of Cumberland and Westmorland are pleased to be able to support the work of the Trust by helping to marshal the Brathay Marathon. Having visited the Trust and seen at first hand the constructive work they do in helping to improve the life choices of the young people who attend the courses run at the centre I hope the Cumberland and Westmorland Freemasons can continue to be associated with the work of the Brathay Trust for many years to come." Our Website gives much more information on the many facets of Freemasonry in general and the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland in particular.

  • Marathon personalities

    • Sir Christopher Ball

      Sir Christopher Ball

      Sir Christopher Ball is the Founder of Campaign for Learning, Chairman of Talent Foundation, former Chancellor of University of Derby, Fellow of Brathay Trust……………and Founder of the Brathay 10 in 10! 

      I am thrilled to be a supporter of Brathay Trust and recognise the value of their work with vulnerable children and young people, not only to the young people themselves, but also to society at large. It is satisfying to see the benefits of events like the Brathay Windermere Marathon for young people in underprivileged communities across the country, and a real credit to the runners who raise funds to support Brathay’s cause. 

      I am currently a Fellow of Brathay, and many years ago was Chairman of the Governors. My connection with this charity is really a reflection of the value I place on the work that Brathay does – and the huge impact they have on so many young lives. 

      When I first heard that Brathay was organising a marathon around Windermere this provided an opportunity to realise a personal ambition, to run 10 marathons in 10 days, while raising valuable funds to support disadvantaged young people. 

      I loved the whole experience of the first Brathay 10 in 10 - after all, for those of us who enjoy running, the 10 in 10 is something of a self-indulgence. The finish was obviously very special, but I particularly enjoyed the long days of solo running around the Lake, the local people I met, and the warm support from Brathay.  I have also much enjoyed the idea of holding the age record for the 10 in 10 – I was 72. Good luck to John Dawson this year who is attempting to relieve me of this record – he’ll be 73 years old when he runs 10 in 10 in May! 

      Other memories of spending time with the first group of 10 in 10 athletes include: meeting Joss Naylor…..daily massage..…marmite sandwiches..…and my grandaughter’s comment upon seeing the trophy – “you will be disappointed Grandpa, it’s just a lump of old rock.” The lump of old rock is now one of my most treasured possessions! 

      Sir Christopher Ball, January 2011
    • Joss Naylor

      Joss Naylor

      Joss Naylor really needs no introduction – he’s undoubtedly the most accomplished and iconic endurance fell runner ever.

      “Joss Naylor MBE, sheep farmer turned fell-running celebrity, is a legend. He was born at the head of Wasdale and is still living there. People who know nothing about fell-running know about Joss. In his youth he was a championship runner, excelling in the long distance races that surround his home. As he got older he turned his hand to the ultra-running classics, like the Bob Graham round, and even competed in 100km track races. He is still going strong, completing 70 summits in a long distance run to celebrate his 70th birthday.”  Keith Richardson

       I’ve been involved since the Brathay Windermere Marathon started in 2007, when I became Patron of the event. It’s always wonderful to see all the runners, their families, and friends coming to visit the most beautiful part of the world. 

       I recognise the value of the great work done by the team at Brathay Trust. You have to see them at work to understand the challenges they face and the huge impact they have on so many young lives. Many of the young people have never really enjoyed a childhood in the widest sense, these are the young people who are helped by donations raised during the Brathay Windermere Marathon. The programmes Brathay delivers as a result of the money raised by runners will have a significant lifelong impact on young people. 

      I particularly enjoy the atmosphere at Brathay on marathon day – the excitement as runners warm up, and then the energy as the starting gun sends them off down the road. They start coming in 3 hours later – many walking the final hill before sprinting to the finish. It’s great! 

      What makes this event so special is that families and friends can also have a great day at Brathay Hall while runners race around Windermere. Where else can you run a marathon with scenery like Windermere? The commentary from the first runner to the last as they cross the line is magic – just what runners need after 26.2 miles. 

      The biggest cheers however are always reserved for the 10 in 10 runners. During their time at Brathay they share such a huge experience – the highs and lows! And make friends that will last for ever. That’s true sport!
    • Steve & Teresa Edwards

      Steve & Teresa Edwards

      We’ve been connected to Brathay since 2007 when I completed the inaugural Brathay 10 in 10 and Teresa provided the roadside drinks support to the runners going round the course each day. We both thoroughly enjoyed our time at Brathay and saw first hand not only the importance of the work that Brathay do with disadvantaged children and young people but also what an inspirational place it is. We were both inspired to return to not only raise more money for Brathay but also support an incredible event that we had become extremely passionate about.

      We value the fact that Brathay are taking a lead role in transforming the lives of disadvantaged children, who in many cases, through no fault of their own, find themselves mixed up with the wrong kind of people, doing the wrong things and going nowhere in life. Brathay provides an opportunity for these youngsters to show that there is hope and that there is an alternate path such that they can turn their life around. This is very powerful and indeed life changing.

      Although I had run many marathons including back to back doubles, triples and even a quadruple, I had never even contemplated the thought of running 10 back to back. However, although it seemed a daunting prospect, it was a new and much bigger challenge, something that would not only take a great deal of physical stamina but also great mental strength. It was as exciting as it was daunting and there was something about it that made me decide I had to do it. Seven athletes made history in 2007 when they completed that inaugural challenge and we both still feel very proud and indeed privileged that we were allowed to be a part of it and involved ever since to see it go from strength to strength.

      What do we particularly enjoy about being involved with Brathay’s flagship fundraising event? For us it’s the whole thing, it’s the challenge of the event,  knowing that its one of the toughest athletic events in the UK, the inspirational location, the friendliness and support of Brathay staff, the camaraderie and friendships that develop over those 10 days amongst the athletes, but most of all it’s the fact that we’re helping support and deliver Brathay’s mission by doing something that echoes the Brathay way, something that is not only challenging and inspirational but also life changing.

      Although tough, its probably the course, which is one of the most scenic in the UK, that makes the event so enjoyable and memorable. Having now completed 40 laps around Windermere I never tire of the views and beautiful countryside. Of course the finish line which overlooks the head of Lake Windermere in the grounds of Brathay has to be one of the best (if not the best) finishes of any marathon in the world that I can think of.

      We have many fond memories of our involvement with the Brathay 10 in 10, certainly too many to summarise. For us, it is and always will be a very special event where strangers come together the evening before day 1 and, in many cases, leave as lifetime friends the morning after day 10. We have hundreds if not thousands of photos from the many marathons we’ve attended over the last 30 years, however the only ones that adorn the walls at home are the ones from the Brathay 10 in 10 and Windermere Marathon, which says it all really.

      When Teresa announced her intention to complete just one marathon, she knew which one it had to be, of course it was the Brathay Windermere Marathon. Having witnessed first hand what the 10 in 10 runners had put themselves through over the four years and having driven round the course on no less than 36 occasions, she was inspired to run this marathon as her first. In her words, she also wanted to see what her husband had put himself through over the years. When Teresa crossed the line she said, ‘I enjoyed every moment and am proud to finish my first marathon, but it’s also my last, never again!' I remember saying that 30 years ago but I somehow think Teresa means it! 

      We’ll both be 50 in 2012 and it would be great to come back and celebrate. I’m not sure whether I have another 10 in 10 left in me, but it would certainly be great to complete the 50 laps, we’ll have to see. In the mean time we’d like to sincerely thank Brathay for all the fond memories we have and for giving us the opportunity to play our part in Brathay’s mission, it’s certainly been a fantastic journey which we’ll never forget.

    • Phil Whitehurst

      Phil Whitehurst

      I have been connected to Brathay for over 25 years and seen first-hand the power of their work with young people from all over the UK. Having worked for the charity from 1986 to 1991 I still have many good friends there. Brathay’s ethos and the commitment and expertise of its staff are second to none in the field of developmental education for young people and communities.

      Having run a few marathons myself I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be involved in such a distinctive and special event. The atmosphere of this marathon is a rare combination of professionalism with a genuine warm, friendly welcome – qualities not often found together at other marathons. The highlight for me is watching the runners finish the race and having the opportunity to cheer them across the line. The expressions on their faces are amazing – from joy and excitement, to just plain relief to have finished! 

      The combination of amazing scenery, a challenging course, the support from marshals and spectators around the course, and the finish line overlooking the lake all come together to make this a truly memorable marathon for everyone. The incredible achievements of the 10 in 10 athletes only add to the inspirational scenes. One memory that stands out for me is seeing a family decked out in personalised T-shirts with banners waiting to cheer Dad across the finish line of his first marathon. This really sums up the whole event – huge personal challenge and commitment, together with a sense of community, celebration and fun! 

      Each year I try hard to announce each and every runner as they cross the finish line. However at times when it just gets too busy this is not always achievable – apologies if I missed you. I look forward to seeing you at The Beautiful Marathon in the future.

  • 10in10 runners 2014

    • Paul (Masonator) Mason

      Paul (Masonator) Mason
      Age: 42
      Marathons to date: 65

      Paul started running back in 1991 when he entered his first local Half Marathon in order to get fit for the Football season. 2 Years later he was lining up for his first full Marathon after being Inspired by watching the London Marathon on the T.V. Some 20 years later Paul has slowly managed to compete and finish over 60 full & Ultra Marathons races.

      Paul has also had the pleasure of completing 10 London Marathons, some of them wearing the most ridiculous fancy dress costume you could imagine. All for charity of course!

      Mountain Climbing took over from running some years back but due to the loss of his climbing partner, the result of a freak accident whilst climbing in Switzerland, Paul chose to get back into his running.

      Inspiration is a word that you will hear Paul use regularly and his climbing partner was a true inspiration to him, so he knows when times are tough during the 10 in10, his good friend will be looking down on him giving him strength & belief to carry on.

      Paul recently joined his local running club “The STRAGGLERS” based in Kingston upon Thames and will of course will be tapping them up for a few quid for Brathay Trust.

      Since 1993 he’s raised over 50k for various different Charities and he wants to smash the £3,000 target in May, so he needs your help.

      Paul is passionate about Brathay Trust as he has worked with young peoples throughout his career as a Manager, and Area Manager, of various different Retail & Hospitality Brands. He believes it extremely important to give every youngster a start in life where they can learn self-discipline, team work and understand what work and life Values are all about.

      Paul only considered running the 10in10 after completing the Brathay Windermere Marathon in 2013. He realises that it will be the toughest challenge that he’s set himself over the last 41 years and he’s incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be with 14 like-minded runners.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Paul (Masonator) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Heather McDonald-Hamilton

      Heather McDonald-Hamilton
      Age: 52
      Marathons to date: 108

      Heather started running back in 2006 because she was suffering from an illness and she wanted to take her health into her own hands. She trained as a nurse at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London so she was, naturally, interested in health and she was determined to go down the natural route.

      Consequently, she completed her first marathon (London) in 2007. She then completed two more in 2008 and 2009. Heather decided to take a year out but chose to get back into running again in May 2011, completing her fourth marathon at the end of August. Since then she’s completed 75 marathons in total. She’s hoping to join the 100 marathon Club, along with some of her great friends, by summer of 2014.

      So, why the 10in10? Well, firstly, she’s been watching her friend David (Foxy) Bayley, each year for the last four years thinking how mad he was to do the 10in10. However, she secretly wished that she could be part of what she saw as an amazing journey.

      Heather ran the Windermere marathon last year and that's when she decided to enter after meeting and seeing, as she described, “the amazing people who are part of this special organisation". Secondly, Heather can relate to our work with young people as she comes from a part of Scotland where the children were very vulnerable and needed organisations like Brathay. She realises that in society today there is a danger of numbers of young people becoming the 'forgotten children'. She’s hoping to make a difference with her fundraising.

      Heather knows that she’s not the fastest runner but she does love to run and she believes that she has the determination and commitment to get the job done!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Heather and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Shane Cliffe

      Shane Cliffe
      Age: 50
      Marathons to date: 33

      Shane first started running by chance back in 1999. He was getting divorced at the time and needed a new goal, something to pick him up and focus on. He read in a local paper about a sponsored walk up Ben Nevis for Cystic fibroses. He and a friend decided to register for it and he was talked into attending a gym in order to get fit.

      There he was introduced to a running machine and before he knew it he was hooked. Next came a few races, and soon the realisation that he was quite good at running. He also enjoyed the fact that he could absorb himself in the discipline. It completely cleared his head of all the problems of the day. All the issues in his life simply vanished.

      Now running is part of his life and he lives for the Sunday race and the training runs.

      His first marathon was run out of necessity as he had joined Red Rose Runners club, and he needed a marathon time. So in October 2000 he ran the Manchester Marathon. Excited by this progression he investigated other marathons and the following year he was on the start line of the Las Vegas Marathon. Since then he’s completed, amongst others, the Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Toronto marathons.

      One of his most memorable endurance events was the Borrowdale fell race in 2011, which saw him run 17 miles through 6500 metres of ascent and descent.

      Shane takes great pride in helping new runners. He explains the errors that he's made, over the years, and how to avoid the injuries that sometimes come with running.

      He also helps to organise his local running club and helps to run Park run Preston. He offers advice and help to old and new runners alike and still, somehow, finds the time organise local races for charity.

      Shane’s benefited from the support of family and friends when things have not been going smoothly, and he recognises the importance of our work with young people, many of whom don’t have that network of support.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Shane and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Karen (Kaz) Hurrell

      Karen (Kaz) Hurrell
      Age: 50
      Marathons to date: 136

      Karen, or Kaz as she likes to be known, works for a medium-sized City law firm, as legal secretary to the pensions team. In her spare time she runs for Dagenham 88 Runners.

      She doesn’t class herself as a natural sportswoman and describes herself as “very much at the plodding end of the field”. She took up running some 14 years ago after her Dad's death.

      Her first race was a local 4k fun run which she really enjoyed – even more so when she discovered a couple of weeks later that she’d finished second in her age category. This was her first trophy and she was justifiably proud.Kaz ran her first marathon in London, in 2001. Since being seduced by the 'Dark Side' of multiple marathons, in 2007, her 'tally' has increased rapidly. She completed her 100th race of marathon distance, or beyond, on Good Friday, a few months inside her target of '100 by my 50th'.

      Kaz had been following the 10in10 since it first started. When a number of her friends successfully ran the seemingly impossible event it changed her perception of it, She even began to believe that it was something that she could do herself.

      After a traumatic start to 2011, with her Mum's declining health and tragic death at the beginning of May, Kaz decided to enter the 10in10 in 2012. She felt incredibly lucky to be accepted as part of the “wonderful 'Class of 2012'”. Running 10 marathons in 10 days certainly wasn’t easy for Kaz but she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the event. Having been unwell during the event she came back to take part in the event again in 2013 to 'try and do the course justice'. In the end Kaz reduced her aggregate time for the 10 days by almost nine hours – so definitely a case of 'job done'! Kaz feels that, whilst she may not be any faster in 2014, she will do her utmost to run each day to the best of her ability.

      Kaz feels very lucky to have had a supportive and stable upbringing, but she realises that there are many children, and young people, who aren't that fortunate. For them, she believes, the work that Brathay Trust does is hugely important, especially in such difficult financial times.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Karen (Kaz) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Phil Adams

      Phil Adams
      Age: 52
      Marathons to date: 132

      Phil, who works as a scaffolder for Cape Industrial Services, runs for Neath Harriers and the 100KM Association. He started running marathons in 1995, 10 years after leaving Army, and has had plenty of memorable events throughout his running career. However, completing his is 100th marathon, in Snowdonia, and being presented with a print of Snowdonia as a momento, was extremely special.

      This year will see him run his 16th Snowdon marathon. However, he thrives on a challenge and, wanting something that would test him, he entered the 10in10. He’s also keen to help young people to get a good start in life, like he had.

      He’s inspired by Ron Hill and Geoff Oliver, President of the 100KM Association, an organisation that focuses on ultra-running events.

      Phil does most of his running on the mountains where he lives, accompanied by his Sprocker Spaniel, so he doesn’t need much to motivate him.

      His hopes for the 10in10 are to meet like-minded people and help Brathay Trust in the work that we do. Simple!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Phil and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Mark Myatt

      Mark Myatt
      Age: 37
      Marathons to date: 4

      Mark is 37-years-old and has been a member of the Royal Air Force for 18 years. He’s been running since he was 16 but seriously since joining the RAF aged 19.

      Mark’s not a very experienced marathon runner and his first attempt at a marathon was in 2006 when he completed in the Snowdonia Marathon. It found it hard work and it made him realise how important preparation is.

      He completed the Snowdonia Marathon again in 2011 but this time he trained properly for it. In May 2012 he entered the Windermere Marathon and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is where he heard about the Brathay 10in10 and it really captured his imagination.

      The more he discovered about it the more he wanted to take part in it and help raise money for a very worthwhile charity. He’s done more half marathons than full marathons and he always goes for the harder events.

      Mark finds running like a drug and a lot of people ask him if he gets bored running long distances. He explains that running gives him a great time to think about everything, and anything, when he’s in ‘the zone’.

      When he’s completed a run he often wonders where the time and distance has gone. If he’s feeling low during an event, he thinks about why he’s doing it and who he will be helping by doing the event.

      This keeps him going as he realises that there are people in this world that need everyone’s help. He’s appreciative that a lot of people in the world haven’t had the opportunities that he’s had and that’s why he chose the 10in10.

      One of his inspirations is Eddie Izzard. He admires his mental determination, despite not being an athlete, to achieve so much through running. The rapidity of the 10in10 is going to be a massive challenge to Mark but he’s sure that with all the support and the proper training he will do the very best he can and, ultimately, complete what he considers to be the challenges of all challenges.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Mark and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Davey Green

      Davey Green
      Age: 45
      Marathons to date: 91

      Davey Green had established himself as an "overweight, costumed, charity fun runner" long before he found himself running the Brathay Windermere Marathon in 2011.

      During the event he discovered the Brathay Trust 10in10. He was immediately hooked and found himself constantly thinking of the challenge, before finally signing up for it!

      Davey witnessed some very ordinary people doing very extraordinary things as they spilt blood, sweat and tears, around one of the country’ most challenging courses. He also witnessed them overcoming the most testing emotional turmoil and mental anguish imaginable.

      Like most runners Davey didn’t know if he could complete the 2012 Brathay Trust 10in10. But, having done it, and after having had ten hugs from Alyson Knowles, he was inspired to detail his journey in his recently published book, Ten Marathons in Ten Day: The diary of a middle aged and crazy runner. Visit this address to buy a copy.

      So why, you may ask, is he putting himself through it all again? "Brathay Trust takes some of the UK's most underprivileged youngsters and takes them on adventures and conferences where they learn about love, respect, team building and responsibility. They then return back into our society with a whole new outlook on life and some of them even progress to become peer mentors within their own communities.

      "I have seen some of these projects coming to fruition before my very eyes and I become emotionally charged at the opportunity to be able to be part of Brathay's flagship event that enables Brathay Trust to continue with their amazing and challenging work with young people.

      "Additionally, I am not just here to make up the numbers. I am here to fundraise and to knock chunks off my 2012 finishing time and earn ten more Alyhugs in doing so!"

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Davey and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Ellan Iaquaniello

      Ellan Iaquaniello
      Age: 42
      Marathons to date: 38

      Ellan was named, unusually, after a football club's ground (Think Elland Road, Leeds United!)

      She started running seriously just over four years ago by doing a cross country run with a friend. She then progressed to road races, starting with 10kms. Ellan then joined her local running club, Larkfield AC, and began to run 10milers and half marathons. Soon she was racing almost every weekend and club mates and friends began to say to her "You'll be doing a marathon by next year". Her reply was “No way, that's just a stupid distance!"

      Of course they were right. But Ellan didn’t just run one marathon she ran two, and what’s more, they were only week apart. She was lucky enough to secure a Virgin London Marathon place through her running club, and she had already entered the Brighton Marathon, which was taking place the week before. She loved them both and uttered "I think I've finally found my distance!" to her husband at the end of London.

      That was it, hooked. She set herself a goal of 100 to gain membership of the 100 Marathon Club. Just over two years on and she’s notched up 18 marathons in total, ranging from Paris and Barcelona to Beachy Head.

      It was through a few of the 100 Marathon Club runners (who had also taken part in previous 10in10s) that she came to learn more about the 10in10. She followed the 2013 team avidly and before she knew it, she’d entered for 2014.

      Ellan is delighted to be part of the 2014 team and is really motivated to make a difference for our charity.

      She hopes that by doing this she can show that anything is possible, if you work hard, have a goal and give 100% commitment. Two years ago Ellan lost someone very suddenly, who she loved deeply, and it made her realise that every single day counts.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Ellan and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Ally (Bongo) Cameron

      Ally (Bongo) Cameron
      Age: 37
      Marathons to date: 9

      Nicknamed Bongo, to his family and friends (even his mum), Alastair is married to Ilanna , and has an 8-year-old daughter Abbie, and a 4-year-old-son Aaron.

      Just 12 months ago the 36 year old, Royal Mail Postman, from Dunfermline, in Scotland, used to return from work and sit on the couch and do nothing!!

      Then he read a facebook message from his friend Paul ‘Fozzy’ Foster saying "anyone want to get themselves fit and run next year’s Edinburgh marathon?" His first thought was “No chance!!” but then he thought “Why not!"

      Soon after Fozzy talked him into it and off he went to buy his first ever pair of running shoes!!

      He ran his first half marathon in July 2012 and, on crossing the line, experienced the emotions that drive people to run. The feelings that day, he claims, will never leave him.

      Fozzy is his inspiration and he’s the reason why he’s lost over 2 stone and why he has the energy to play with his kids more than he did a year ago.

      Many have asked him why he’s doing the 10in10, considering that he’s only completed 4 marathons to date. His answer is simple. “BECAUSE I WANT TO.”

      He wishes that he had benefited from Brathay’s work when he was growing up in Scotland. Suffering with low self-confidence and motivation, in his childhood, he believes it would have been just what he needed to develop his social skills.

      He’s a bit worried about his knee as his doctor told him 20 years ago that he’d be a cripple by the time he was 30! Occasionally, on his rounds, he gets knee pains. Touch wood that won’t stop him, even if he has to hobble the 262 miles.

      He wants as many people as he can to say “well done, were proud of you.” He believes that he’s let down more people than he’s made proud. Now it’s time for all that to change.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Ally (Bongo) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Adam (Tango) Holland

      Adam (Tango) Holland
      Age: 27
      Marathons to date: 144

      Adam first started running marathons back on the 16/10/2005 when he completed the Adingdon Marathon. He was 18½ at the time!

      He has many running memories and achievements from over the years. He was part of a team to run 48 hours on a treadmill and he’s run 80miles in 6 hours. However, his most memorable moment of all was completing his 100th marathon by finishing his final marathon in the Brathay 10in10.

      He thinks the 10in10 is a fantastic event run by great people (Thanks, Ed). For him, this year, it’s not just about raising the money for the charity, although obviously that’s extremely important. This year he would like to beat his own record. He’s aiming at completing all 10 marathons in sub 3 hours each.

      His inspiration is the great Steve Edwards, who he believes has a great attitude towards running and a lovely wife.

      He’s done a variety of things in the past to fundraise, including bingo and sky diving, but he’s lucky in that he doesn’t need the fundraising to keep him motivated as he simply enjoys completing long runs.

      He is anxious about not getting the support that he needs but he’s aware that there are lots of people out there to help him.

      He’s extremely proud to hold, or have held, 3 World Records:

      Brathay 10in10: 30hours, 20minutes, 54seconds, May 7th to May 16th 2010

      Brathay 10in10: 32hours, 57minutes, 03seconds, May 8th to May 17th 2009

      Part of the greatest distance run by a team of twelve in 48hours on a treadmill - 868.64km (539.86miles). Team: Porsche Human Performance at the Goodwood Speed Festival, July 3nd to July 5th 2009

      Adam is also the youngest person to do 100 marathons at the age of 23yrs-7month-5days, October 10th 2010.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Adam (Tango) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Paul (Fozzman) Foster

      Paul (Fozzman) Foster
      Age: 34
      Marathons to date: 69

      Fozzman is 34-years-old and comes from Kelty, Fife in Scotland. He works for what he considers to be the best Shredding and Recycling company in the world called “Shred-it”.

      He’s married to Laura and they have two children, Megan(6) and Jamie(2). At present Fozzman doesn’t run for a running club but he has a group of friends that run together called #TeamFozzy.

      He started running in 2009 and ran his first ever marathon in 2010 (London) and he’s run over 60 marathons/ultra-marathons since then. Fozzman loves running and wants to run at least one hundred marathons in his lifetime!

      He loves to get people into running and that means far more to him than his own personal running goals.

      He’s inspired to run by many different people and the likes of Kilian Jornet, Ryan Sandes and Dean Karnazes are all big heroes of his.

      On a day to day basis Fozzman is inspired by his friends that he runs with and other people that are keen to join them.

      He thinks that the 10in10 is a wonderful event for what he believes is a “breathtaking charity” and is always keen to tell people that we do amazing work in changing the lives of so many disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

      This year Fozzman hopes to take his fundraising to over £10000 for Brathay and he would appreciate your help getting there!

      • What is your twitter name?


      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Paul (Fozzman) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Kevin Blackhurst

      Kevin Blackhurst
      Age: 54
      Marathons to date: 50

      Kevin lives with Diane, a previous 10in10 runner, and has worked for Network Rail at Leeds City Station for nearly 20 years.

      Prior to that, he spent 15 years in the British Army. He has 3 children, Dominic (grown up and at university), Carl (15), Sian (nearly 10), and they also have Diane’s Nephew Oscar (4), living with them.

      Kevin's passion for running started at school, and when he joined the army he represented them, initially in cross-country racing, before later on completing the Berlin and Munchengladbach marathons.  He has since run the Berlin marathon and says "It will be always be the special one for me".

      Giving up running for a few years after leaving the army, when he met Diane she encouraged him to start again, and they joined their local running club, The Kirkstall Harriers.  

      So, why has he taken up this challenge? Kevin's main reason is because Diane completed the 10in10 in 2012, and at the moment is the fastest 'female 50' to complete it. Their circle of friends includes a few of the other 10in10 runners, but it is mainly Diane who is inspiring him to cross the finish line on day 10.  

      Kevin's other interests include a love of sport, mainly football (Liverpool) and Rugby League (Wakefield). He likes "real ale and eating nice food" but suspects that his main interests for the next six months will be running and raising money. 

      A determination to succeed in any challenge he takes up means he will be out there giving it his best, both with fundraising and running, and says "I can’t wait to be part of this great experience".

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Kevin and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Chris (Rents) Renton

      Chris (Rents) Renton
      Age: 49
      Marathons to date: 26

      Chris is 49-years-old and married to Caroline. He’s a driver for Lothian Buses and has just started his 9th year with the company. Prior to that he worked for the Royal Mail for 24 years.

      He took up running 5 years ago. It was only meant to be a way for him to lose weight as, at the time, he was 17 ½ stone.

      A member of Harmeny Pentland Runners, based in Balerno in the west side of Edinburgh, his first race was the Haddington half marathon in 2008 and he remembers telling his brother, at the end, that he would never, ever run a full marathon!

      His first marathon was Windermere in 2009, which he finished in just under 4 hours, and he ran it again in 2010.

      He started following the 10in10 daily race video updates in 2009. He found them inspiring and knew that one day he would give it a go.

      Chris has run many different race distances, the most being 100.5 miles which took him 22hrs 50mins. He realises that the 10in10 is going to be a totally different challenge and that in many ways it will be much tougher.

      He’s running the Montreal and Budapest marathons in 2013 and he hopes to beat his pb of 3hrs 26mins.

      He’s not setting himself any crazy targets for the 10in10, he just wants to run steadily and complete every marathon. He believes that the other runners, Brathay staff and the supporters will make sure he keeps going to the end. His wife Caroline, his biggest supporter, will ensure he doesn’t register his first DNF!

      Chris can’t wait to be part of a small team running on behalf of Brathay Trust. He has a lot of running friends, on various social networks, and thinks it would be amazing to see them all on Day 10. It will be a special day as he will celebrate his 50th Birthday at the Brathay Hall finish line.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Chris (Rents) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • David Clark

      David Clark
      Age: 51
      Marathons to date: 85
      David is 51 and took up running about 4 years ago after being what he calls a ‘fatboy’ of 16 stone.

      He lives in Oakham in Rutland, near to Rutland Water, which is ideal for long training runs as from his home one loop of the reservoir is about 18 miles.

      David is married to Alison, who works as a teaching assistant at a local school and has two children, Lewis (15) and Kerala (11).

      He works for Cunnington Clark, a Building Services Engineering Design company who are based in Peterborough. 

      He has previously raised monies for cancer charities and a local hospice when running the London and Brighton Marathons.

      He believes that running has changed his life, not only from the obvious health benefits but from allowing time to think and solve difficult problems and when, just sometimes on long runs, you experience the sheer joy and intrinsic value in just running.

      David’s first marathon was Robin Hood Marathon in 2009 and since then he’s gone on to complete over 50 marathons.  Highlights have included the Virgin London Marathon, The Wall ultramarathon, a 70 mile ‘jog’ between Carlisle and Gateshead and the fantastic 48 mile ‘Round the Rock’ run around the stunning coastline of Jersey.

      Oh and he has a dog, Billy, who was a ‘present’ from some friends who emigrated to Tasmania. Billy has been with them for about 14 months now and David describes him as the sweetest 5 year old Border Terrier you could ever meet. However, whilst he’s great with people, he does have a tendency to bark at all other dogs and give them a nip if they decide to walk on the same side of the road as him! David is hoping to discover a dog behaviourist in the 10in10 clan who can give him some advice.

      He is really looking forward to raising monies for Brathay Trust and helping to give youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to develop self-belief and enjoy a fulfilled life.

      Although he has completed several marathons and ultramarathons he knows that for him, hovering between the two states of nearly being injured and being injured, the ten in ten event is different with no guarantee of success but that is what makes it special.

      His mantra is ‘Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional’.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor David and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Charles Cowling

      Charles Cowling
      Age: 51
      Marathons to date: 1

      Charles doesn’t consider himself a runner! He’s run one marathon but he enjoyed it so much he thought it would be great to have another go! Somehow this unlikely enthusiasm resulted in him signing up to the 10in10 (against the medical advice of his wife!).

      Charles lives in Bolton and works in Manchester and London. He is married to Becky, who is a paediatrician working in community healthcare and specialising in autism. They have four children - Tom, Toby, Hal and Sally. Charles is a Governor at Bolton School, and a Churchwarden of St Mary’s Mallerstang.

      Charles is an actuary, with over twenty five years’ experience in the profession. He is the Managing Director at JLT Benefit Solutions and has acted as principal actuarial adviser to several multinational companies and their pension schemes. Charles is a member of the Council of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and is the pension representative of the UK Actuarial Profession at the International Actuarial Association.

      Charles is also currently Master of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries, one of the livery companies of London. Historically the livery companies controlled all the trade that took place within the City of London (being responsible for all training, standards and managing disputes). Today, whilst they have an important role promoting the City of London around the world, much of their work is charitable, in particular linked to education. Charles has indeed just completed a Coast-to-Coast charity walk with his family and actuaries from the Company.

      Other than a recently developed interest in mad running events, he also enjoys fell walking with his family and music, particularly church music and opera. He has sung with many different choirs and has been known to participate in amateur operatic productions.

      Charles graduated in mathematics from Durham University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. He is also a Chartered Mathematician, a Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Charles and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at

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