Read about the people who help make the Brathay Windermere Marathon and 10 in 10 such unique events

  • Brathay Marathon Team

    • Gary Haughton

    • Scott Umpleby - Race Director

      Scott Umpleby

      I joined Brathay Trust in 2001 and held various management roles before becoming Head of Fundraising in January 2009. I’m now responsible for developing Brathay’s fundraising strategy and managing the Fundraising Team to ensure the sustainability of funds across all of our regions.

      We’re committed to developing a distinctive events programme, with the Brathay Windermere Marathon being our flagship event. Thank you to all organisations and individuals who have helped to develop the event into what is now considered one of the most enjoyable and special road marathons in Europe. The funds raised from the Brathay Windermere Marathon and 10 in 10 directly support thousands of disengaged and vulnerable children and young people. Many marathon runners have embraced the charitable nature of our event and help to improve the lives of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people.

      It’s a pleasure to work with a team of dedicated colleagues to continue developing the Marathon and 10 in 10. I’m now responsible for delivering the charitable objectives of the event, in terms of donations and sponsorship to support our mission, and activity to promote Brathay’s cause in the media.

      I’ve been running, and climbing, in the mountains for over 30 years, having competed regularly in fell and endurance running events. My running highlights include circuits of the Bob Graham Round, first in 1990, and again in December 1999 in full winter conditions. I’m also a member of Alpine Club and Fell Runners Association.

      I look forward to welcoming runners to our events for many years to come.
    • Ali Harris - Events + Donor Development officer

      I have worked at Brathay since 2008 as part of the fundraising team following a move to the Lake District after living in the French Alps for 5 years. My previous experience centres around tourism but I was looking for a new challenge so joined Brathay’s fundraising team as a Fundraising co-ordinator.

      A large part of my role involves the organisation and administration of Brathay’s fundraising events to raise much needed funds to support our work with children and young people. The Brathay Windermere marathon and the 10 in 10 are the largest fundraising events in Brathay’s calendar and I enjoy organising large events and seeing people completing the personal challenges they have set themselves. 

      I look forward to developing Brathay’s fundraising events and helping to raise Brathay’s charitable profile in the future.
    • Alyson Knowles

      Alyson Knowles

      I have worked for Brathay Trust for the last 12 years and currently hold the post of Staffing Officer.  My role involves matching the most appropriate member of permanent staff or associate consultant to specific events and programmes. Getting the match right is vital to ensure the Young People get the best possible experience. Working in such an inspirational place, with some fantastic people and seeing first hand the great work we do is very rewarding. 

      Having moved away from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales I now live in Ulverston with my husband Mac (an outdoor education teacher) and sons Gareth (22) and Morgan (14), who are all keen rugby players and enthusiasts.

      I didn’t start running until I was well in my 30’s. In fact I have to admit I was a bit of a couch potato – overweight and not at all fit.

      I ran my first marathon in London at the age of 38, 5 months after the birth of Morgan, in a time of 4:58. I then went on to run a few more marathons (all London) and a few 2 day mountain marathons. 

      My 5th marathon was in 2007 – the Brathay Windermere Marathon. Leading up to this event the inaugural 10in10 was taking place. I watched these 7 athletes in awe of what they were achieving. How on earth could they run 10 marathons, 262 miles in 10 days – madness!!

      However, I was inspired and the seed was sown.

      In 2008 the 10in10 event included 3 ladies. It was then that I started to believe that maybe I could be a part of that elite group if I was to train hard and mentally prepare.

      I entered the 2009 event and I gradually built my mileage up from 20-25 miles a week to over 70. I ran back to back marathons, trained in wet and wintry Lake District weather conditions, and clocked up another 6 official marathons over the year. My Personal Best time of 3:44 was achieved in April at Lochaber – 2 weeks before the 10in10. Everything had gone to plan and I went into the event feeling fit and strong and mentally prepared.

      It was amazing!!!

      I completed the 10in10 in 2009 and once again in 2010. I am proud to be a part of a special group of elite athletes who have completed this event.  Also, to have raised over £8000 has meant young people have benefitted directly from my experience. It made the pain all worth while. 

      Details of my journey and what I went through can be found by visiting my section in the Blogs on this website.

      This year I have taken on the organisation of the 10in10. I have supported the runners over the last 12 months and will do my best to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible for them. I am looking forward to being a part of the 10in10 for many years to come.

      The 10in10 epitomises what Brathay is all about….inspirational people who inspire others.

  • Volunteers

    • Lesley Gill

      Lesley  Gill

      I’ve been connected with Brathay for over 24 years as Andy, my husband,  has worked there in the Corporate Development team for what seems like forever.

      Brathay’s work with young people is well known and highly thought of by many. In my own work in the social care sector I meet a great many people and somehow Brathay and its work often comes up in conversation and it’s clear that Brathay’s development work with young people is well known and valued. Colleagues and associates generally know someone who has been to Brathay and had a fantastic experience. It could be their own child who went with Young Farmers or another youth group, or an adult who has been involved in training e.g. colleagues in Children’s Services. No matter who they are, they all talk very positively about Brathay and the opportunities it provides. 

      Whilst talking about Brathay we mustn’t forget the great Corporate work that takes place too, as not only does this raise funding for the children’s/young people’s development work but also raises the profile of Brathay’s charitable work amongst corporate clients’ whose staff then get involved in fundraising for Brathay themselves. 

      As Andy spends a fair amount of time away from home working, but also enjoys getting involved in big Brathay fundraising projects such as the Marathon and Row Runner, I need to work with him if I want to see him - hence me getting involved as a Marathon volunteer. That sounds like I volunteer under sufferance and I don’t. It’s a great day with lots of camaraderie and a fantastic atmosphere so no hardship apart from getting up really early. Task wise I’ve stocked water stations, given out radio’s to course marshals, directed runners through road works (only once) and picked up the occasional runner that hasn’t been able to complete the course. 

      The best part of the day is definitely the atmosphere. It’s absolutely electric – before the marathon starts, during the run, at the finishing line and the celebrations afterwards. 

      Runners have told me that what makes the day so special for them is the course itself and the organisation behind the run.  Whilst they find the course really hard work because of the hills, the majestic views they see on the way round seems to compensate for the pain. Additionally they appreciate the organisation that helps them have a successful day. 

      The first year I volunteered I was extremely moved by a woman that was undergoing chemotherapy who had managed to get close to Bowness before feeling too tired to carry on running.  She was absolutely amazing and delighted in what she’d achieved rather than focusing on not finishing. Her attitude was truly inspirational. 

      Have I been inspired to run the marathon? Yes but I’m waiting for the Wi fit version. 

      What do I think of the 10 in 10 runners? They’re amazing, inspirational and completely barking.  I’m wincing in agony just thinking about them.
    • Debbie Shearer

      Debbie Shearer

      2010 was the first time I had volunteered to man a water station, as part of the Cumberland Building Society's sponsorship of the event (I'm Branch Manager Kendal, Windermere & Ambleside). I've worked for them for 21 years and in my spare time I volunteer for the RSPB in Haweswater, helping to look after England's only Golden Eagle.

      I was bowled over by the organisation of the marathon. Everything is meticulously planned and works like a well oiled machine. There is a real sense of community and the atmosphere at the water station when the runners come by is electric - especially early on when lots appear at the same time. My over-riding memory though, is the appreciation of the runners. They were all so polite and some actually thank us for volunteering to be there - yes, people who are mid-way through a gruelling 26 miles are taking the time to thank the support staff - incredible.

      Why is the event so enjoyable? On the basis that any form of marathon running is enjoyable! The best bit of this one must surely be the stunning scenery which they are running around.

      Anecdotes? Well, there's the utter madness of the 10 in 10 runners and the politeness and gratitude of the runners we handed drinks to - really couldn't get over that!

      Have I been inspired to run the marathon myself? For a very brief time. However, my water station was very early on so the runners still looked fresh... the thought soon left my head when I saw them on the other side of the lake!

      I'd rank the athletes taking part (on a scale of 1 to 10) as follows: Main runners, 11 - absolutely barking. 10 in 10 runners - off the scale, utterly insane!

    • The Freemasons

      The Freemasons

      Freemasons have always regarded Charity, the care and support of those less fortunate than ourselves, as one of our most important principles. It is fitting that the Freemasons' Grand Charity have made donations to Brathay Trust during the past few years to assist them in their aims of integrating disadvantaged young people into society. But we know that not only must we give money but our time as well. This is why the Freemasons' Province of Cumberland and Westmorland has been delighted to join our colleagues in the Province of West Lancashire in marshalling the annual Brathay Windermere Marathon; not only does this splendid event provide important funds for Brathay but enables the many competitors to raise sponsorship for their favourite charities.

      Every year we marvel at the athleticism and determination of the runners, and can barely believe than anyone can possibly tackle ten marathons in ten days! And we all so much enjoy a great day out too! 

      As our Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. Norman James Thompson says "The Freemasons Grand Charity is a supporter of the Brathay Trust on a national basis and locally the Freemasons of Cumberland and Westmorland are pleased to be able to support the work of the Trust by helping to marshal the Brathay Marathon. Having visited the Trust and seen at first hand the constructive work they do in helping to improve the life choices of the young people who attend the courses run at the centre I hope the Cumberland and Westmorland Freemasons can continue to be associated with the work of the Brathay Trust for many years to come." Our Website gives much more information on the many facets of Freemasonry in general and the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland in particular.

  • Marathon personalities

    • Sir Christopher Ball

      Sir Christopher Ball

      Sir Christopher Ball is the Founder of Campaign for Learning, Chairman of Talent Foundation, former Chancellor of University of Derby, Fellow of Brathay Trust……………and Founder of the Brathay 10 in 10! 

      I am thrilled to be a supporter of Brathay Trust and recognise the value of their work with vulnerable children and young people, not only to the young people themselves, but also to society at large. It is satisfying to see the benefits of events like the Brathay Windermere Marathon for young people in underprivileged communities across the country, and a real credit to the runners who raise funds to support Brathay’s cause. 

      I am currently a Fellow of Brathay, and many years ago was Chairman of the Governors. My connection with this charity is really a reflection of the value I place on the work that Brathay does – and the huge impact they have on so many young lives. 

      When I first heard that Brathay was organising a marathon around Windermere this provided an opportunity to realise a personal ambition, to run 10 marathons in 10 days, while raising valuable funds to support disadvantaged young people. 

      I loved the whole experience of the first Brathay 10 in 10 - after all, for those of us who enjoy running, the 10 in 10 is something of a self-indulgence. The finish was obviously very special, but I particularly enjoyed the long days of solo running around the Lake, the local people I met, and the warm support from Brathay.  I have also much enjoyed the idea of holding the age record for the 10 in 10 – I was 72. Good luck to John Dawson this year who is attempting to relieve me of this record – he’ll be 73 years old when he runs 10 in 10 in May! 

      Other memories of spending time with the first group of 10 in 10 athletes include: meeting Joss Naylor…..daily massage..…marmite sandwiches..…and my grandaughter’s comment upon seeing the trophy – “you will be disappointed Grandpa, it’s just a lump of old rock.” The lump of old rock is now one of my most treasured possessions! 

      Sir Christopher Ball, January 2011
    • Joss Naylor

      Joss Naylor

      Joss Naylor really needs no introduction – he’s undoubtedly the most accomplished and iconic endurance fell runner ever.

      “Joss Naylor MBE, sheep farmer turned fell-running celebrity, is a legend. He was born at the head of Wasdale and is still living there. People who know nothing about fell-running know about Joss. In his youth he was a championship runner, excelling in the long distance races that surround his home. As he got older he turned his hand to the ultra-running classics, like the Bob Graham round, and even competed in 100km track races. He is still going strong, completing 70 summits in a long distance run to celebrate his 70th birthday.”  Keith Richardson

       I’ve been involved since the Brathay Windermere Marathon started in 2007, when I became Patron of the event. It’s always wonderful to see all the runners, their families, and friends coming to visit the most beautiful part of the world. 

       I recognise the value of the great work done by the team at Brathay Trust. You have to see them at work to understand the challenges they face and the huge impact they have on so many young lives. Many of the young people have never really enjoyed a childhood in the widest sense, these are the young people who are helped by donations raised during the Brathay Windermere Marathon. The programmes Brathay delivers as a result of the money raised by runners will have a significant lifelong impact on young people. 

      I particularly enjoy the atmosphere at Brathay on marathon day – the excitement as runners warm up, and then the energy as the starting gun sends them off down the road. They start coming in 3 hours later – many walking the final hill before sprinting to the finish. It’s great! 

      What makes this event so special is that families and friends can also have a great day at Brathay Hall while runners race around Windermere. Where else can you run a marathon with scenery like Windermere? The commentary from the first runner to the last as they cross the line is magic – just what runners need after 26.2 miles. 

      The biggest cheers however are always reserved for the 10 in 10 runners. During their time at Brathay they share such a huge experience – the highs and lows! And make friends that will last for ever. That’s true sport!
    • Steve & Teresa Edwards

      Steve & Teresa Edwards

      We’ve been connected to Brathay since 2007 when I completed the inaugural Brathay 10 in 10 and Teresa provided the roadside drinks support to the runners going round the course each day. We both thoroughly enjoyed our time at Brathay and saw first hand not only the importance of the work that Brathay do with disadvantaged children and young people but also what an inspirational place it is. We were both inspired to return to not only raise more money for Brathay but also support an incredible event that we had become extremely passionate about.

      We value the fact that Brathay are taking a lead role in transforming the lives of disadvantaged children, who in many cases, through no fault of their own, find themselves mixed up with the wrong kind of people, doing the wrong things and going nowhere in life. Brathay provides an opportunity for these youngsters to show that there is hope and that there is an alternate path such that they can turn their life around. This is very powerful and indeed life changing.

      Although I had run many marathons including back to back doubles, triples and even a quadruple, I had never even contemplated the thought of running 10 back to back. However, although it seemed a daunting prospect, it was a new and much bigger challenge, something that would not only take a great deal of physical stamina but also great mental strength. It was as exciting as it was daunting and there was something about it that made me decide I had to do it. Seven athletes made history in 2007 when they completed that inaugural challenge and we both still feel very proud and indeed privileged that we were allowed to be a part of it and involved ever since to see it go from strength to strength.

      What do we particularly enjoy about being involved with Brathay’s flagship fundraising event? For us it’s the whole thing, it’s the challenge of the event,  knowing that its one of the toughest athletic events in the UK, the inspirational location, the friendliness and support of Brathay staff, the camaraderie and friendships that develop over those 10 days amongst the athletes, but most of all it’s the fact that we’re helping support and deliver Brathay’s mission by doing something that echoes the Brathay way, something that is not only challenging and inspirational but also life changing.

      Although tough, its probably the course, which is one of the most scenic in the UK, that makes the event so enjoyable and memorable. Having now completed 40 laps around Windermere I never tire of the views and beautiful countryside. Of course the finish line which overlooks the head of Lake Windermere in the grounds of Brathay has to be one of the best (if not the best) finishes of any marathon in the world that I can think of.

      We have many fond memories of our involvement with the Brathay 10 in 10, certainly too many to summarise. For us, it is and always will be a very special event where strangers come together the evening before day 1 and, in many cases, leave as lifetime friends the morning after day 10. We have hundreds if not thousands of photos from the many marathons we’ve attended over the last 30 years, however the only ones that adorn the walls at home are the ones from the Brathay 10 in 10 and Windermere Marathon, which says it all really.

      When Teresa announced her intention to complete just one marathon, she knew which one it had to be, of course it was the Brathay Windermere Marathon. Having witnessed first hand what the 10 in 10 runners had put themselves through over the four years and having driven round the course on no less than 36 occasions, she was inspired to run this marathon as her first. In her words, she also wanted to see what her husband had put himself through over the years. When Teresa crossed the line she said, ‘I enjoyed every moment and am proud to finish my first marathon, but it’s also my last, never again!' I remember saying that 30 years ago but I somehow think Teresa means it! 

      We’ll both be 50 in 2012 and it would be great to come back and celebrate. I’m not sure whether I have another 10 in 10 left in me, but it would certainly be great to complete the 50 laps, we’ll have to see. In the mean time we’d like to sincerely thank Brathay for all the fond memories we have and for giving us the opportunity to play our part in Brathay’s mission, it’s certainly been a fantastic journey which we’ll never forget.

    • Phil Whitehurst

      Phil Whitehurst

      I have been connected to Brathay for over 25 years and seen first-hand the power of their work with young people from all over the UK. Having worked for the charity from 1986 to 1991 I still have many good friends there. Brathay’s ethos and the commitment and expertise of its staff are second to none in the field of developmental education for young people and communities.

      Having run a few marathons myself I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be involved in such a distinctive and special event. The atmosphere of this marathon is a rare combination of professionalism with a genuine warm, friendly welcome – qualities not often found together at other marathons. The highlight for me is watching the runners finish the race and having the opportunity to cheer them across the line. The expressions on their faces are amazing – from joy and excitement, to just plain relief to have finished! 

      The combination of amazing scenery, a challenging course, the support from marshals and spectators around the course, and the finish line overlooking the lake all come together to make this a truly memorable marathon for everyone. The incredible achievements of the 10 in 10 athletes only add to the inspirational scenes. One memory that stands out for me is seeing a family decked out in personalised T-shirts with banners waiting to cheer Dad across the finish line of his first marathon. This really sums up the whole event – huge personal challenge and commitment, together with a sense of community, celebration and fun! 

      Each year I try hard to announce each and every runner as they cross the finish line. However at times when it just gets too busy this is not always achievable – apologies if I missed you. I look forward to seeing you at The Beautiful Marathon in the future.

  • 10in10 runners 2015

    • Andrew Mangeot

      Andrew Mangeot
      Age: 59
      Marathons to date: 7

      I live in Cambridge and work in fundraising, currently for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).  I’m also a published writer (two books of short stories and two poetry collections to date) and I’ve read at many literary festivals across the UK.

      I’ve always enjoyed sport and keeping fit but only got the running bug when I watched one of the early London Marathons and wanted to take on the challenge myself. After joining a club and training properly for a couple of years, I broke 3 hours in my first marathon in 1989 before running a further 6 London marathons over the following 15 years (getting a little slower each time!)

      Since 2005 I’ve jogged a few miles a week for fitness but I wasn’t planning to run another marathon until I read about the Brathay 10in10 in 2013. From that moment on, the magic and the madness of the whole event – plus its location and the charity’s inspiring work – had me hooked. 

      I’m both excited and terrified at the prospect of what my mind and body will go through and how I will cope, but I’m looking forward to raising lots of money for Brathay and going through the whole experience with 16 equally crazy and determined people. How will we accomplish something that seems, at first sight, way beyond us? To me, this is what life’s about: challenging yourself and embracing new experiences. 

      My goal is to raise at least £10,000 for Brathay (knowing I’m running each day for another £1,000 will be a huge boost when the low moments come) so I’m hoping as many people as possible will dig deep to help me get there.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Andrew and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Ellan Iaquaniello

      Ellan Iaquaniello
      Age: 43
      Marathons to date: 52

      I'm Ellan (Yak-Wan-Yellow) or Yak for short!

      I'm an ordinary 42 year old mum and one of my biggest fans is my 8 year old daughter. We live in Kent with my 'running widow' and golf-loving husband, Paul.

      I'm fairly new to running, having started just over 4 years ago for my local club, Larkfield AC, with a bit of cross country, a 10k here and a 10miler there. I soon increased to half marathon distances and before I knew it I'd managed to gain a place in my first marathon with my second one following only seven days later! I'd found my distance and developed a mild addiction - three years on and I've notched up 52 marathons/ultras.

      2014 was an amazing, life-changing year: I completed the Brathay 10in10 and raised over £4,000 while doing so. That was it; I had Brathay in my heart and 262 hilly miles in my legs! It was the toughest physical and mental challenge I had ever undertaken, but I loved it, everything about it.

      Despite uttering some silly words at the finish line on Day 10 (“never again!”) here I am doing it all over again in 2015. My aim this time is to raise more money for Brathay (currently at just over £1,500) and to inspire more women to enter the 10in10 in future years.

      My motto is Carpe Diem, seize the day…or perhaps it should be Carpe 10 Diems!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Ellan and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Andrew Shanley

      Andrew Shanley
      Age: 48
      Marathons to date: 7

      I am an air conditioning engineer and I have worked for myself for the past 18 years. I’m also part of the Lancaster and Morecambe running club.

      I started running half marathons in 2007 after struggling with my weight and motivation. I told my Dad I was planning to run the Great North Run followed by a marathon and then my sons helped me train by riding out on their bikes while I ran. A mile seemed such a long way and I’d ask how far we’d gone and get the reply “only quarter of a mile, Dad!” But I got there and this year will be my 8th Great North Run.

      My first marathon came in 2009 in Edinburgh and in spite of it being one of the hottest days that year, I managed it. My Dad told me how impressed he was, which meant a great deal to me. My Dad died of cancer 5 months later, and as my Mum also died of the disease in 1985, I have used my running to raise money for local and national charities including Marie Curie and a local hospice.

      The 10in10 is an amazing event and I will take pleasure in seeing people working hard and raising funds for a great charity like the Brathay Trust; it’s inspiring and I am looking forward to meeting all of the runners and being part of a team.

      I’ve previously concentrated too much on times and in doing so missed a lot, so I’m now running at a pace that gives me the chance to take on some scenery, but I’m still worried I am taking on too much – and I’m hoping not to get or injured or be so slow that the finish line staff have to do a night shift!

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    • Caroline Scrimshaw

      Caroline Scrimshaw
      Age: 45
      Marathons to date: 9

      I live in Whitwick, Leicestershire with my partner Craig Johnson and I work full-time as an Assistant Financial Controller for ServiceMaster Ltd.

      I started running in 2003 after the leader of my local Weight Watchers group in Coalville put a team up for the Race for Life.  My first training run with my best friend Wendy was a mile long and we stopped at least 10 times! But 2 months after completing the Race for Life event, I became a founder member of the local running club, Hermitage Harriers. I was hooked.

      In 2006, I ran my first marathon in Leicester and since then I’ve completed a further 8 marathons (6 of them being Windermere in ‘08, ‘09, ‘10, ‘11, ’13, and ‘14), 4 ultra-marathons and 39 half marathons. My fellow Harriers, aka The Silver Donkies, are never surprised when I say I’m off to do a challenge - I may not be fast but I am determined and they know that there is no such word as can’t in my vocabulary.

      I have stood on the Brathay front lawn several times and watched previous 10in10ers but I never thought I’d take part in it. I loved the Windermere marathon and that was enough for me.  But in 2012, although I was unable to run the marathon through illness, I still came up to support my club members and a spark was lit. Fellow harrier, Craig Johnson and I turned to each other and said “I will, if you will” and we both applied for 2013. I didn’t get in but Craig did.

      By supporting Craig and the other 10in10ers, I have seen their efforts/pain/joy/tears and the hard work of the amazing support crew so I feel very privileged, and humbled, to have been selected.

      I hope to train hard but sensibly and remain fit and healthy so that I can give it my very best in May.  My aim is to complete the biggest challenge of my life and raise £5,000 so that Brathay Trust can continue to do their fantastic work. Oh, and I’m looking forward to Aly’s hugs!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Caroline and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Chris (Rents) Renton

      Chris (Rents) Renton
      Age: 50
      Marathons to date: 30

      I'm currently running for Gala Harriers in the Scottish Borders and I am employed by Lothian Buses in Edinburgh, where I have been driving buses for 10 years.

      I took up running in 2008 when I was overweight at 17 and a half stones and very unfit. I put myself on a diet which was going well but I wanted to lose weight more quickly and running certainly made a huge difference. I ran my first half marathon (badly) in August of that year with a finishing time of 2hrs 9 minutes and promised I would never, ever run a marathon again. As it turns out, my first marathon happened to be the Brathay Windermere Marathon in 2009, only 10 months after I started running. I was delighted with my sub 4 hour finish.

      Through various forums and friends I started to look at different running distances from 5km up to 24hr endurance events. I enjoy all distances even though I have to work hard at my running and I don't find it easy at all. About 95% of my training is done on my own - either because of living in a fairly remote location or because of my shift patterns/length of my working day, so I'm very proud of what I've achieved.

      Due to my work commitments, I don't get chance to enter the amount of races I would like to so every race is a special day or weekend for me. Completing ultras is always going to be special - it's something I don't train hard enough for and I just kind of blag it and hope for the best! So completing 100 miles in less than 23 hours was special to me.

      I have completed 30 odd marathons and ultras and I usually average around 1,500 running miles per annum. Had I been in a Monday to Friday job I'm sure I would have passed 100 marathons well before now. I'm not so sure that will be possible anymore.

      But the most memorable event simply has to be being part of the Brathay 10in10 in 2014! So I’m thrilled to be back this year. Why the 10in10? Great question. I feel very close to Brathay Trust for very personal reasons linked to my own youth in the 70s - crossing the finish line on Day 10 of 2014 gave me the chance to get rid of some demons. Brathay Trust do incredible work for vulnerable and disadvantaged children who have had a bad start in their life. Being able to play a small part in that by raising much needed funds is a real pleasure. I was very pleased to have raised £5,000 in 2014 and I will work just as hard for 2015.

      I need to say here and now, just because I managed to complete the 10in10 2014, it won’t make it any easier in 2015! I will have to train just as hard and hopefully be a bit fitter than in 2014. Each day of the 10 days will be a challenge, running around one of the UK's toughest marathon road races. If I'm lucky enough, I will be able to look up now and again during the races and enjoy the stunning scenery that the Lake District has to offer!

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    • David (Foxy) Bayley

      David (Foxy) Bayley
      Age: 42
      Marathons to date: 190

      Who is the Fox? And more importantly, "what does the Fox say?"

      Originally hailing from Staffordshire, I have spent the past 20 years (apart from brief forays into Glasgow and Bristol) living in Milton Keynes. After 17 years in banking, I quit in April 2013 to devote all of my time to running my own business as the Global CEO of Enigma Running. I use the term Global CEO with my tongue firmly in my cheek as one of my friends jokingly gave me the title (we have runners from six or seven European countries at our events - not to mention those from the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia).

      I took up running in May of 2005 after reading an article listing the 100 sporting things to do before you die, one of which was running the New York City marathon. I really should have chosen to watch the Boxing Day test match at the MCG instead! November of that year saw me make my race debut on the streets of New York and I was hooked. In the following 9 years I've been fortunate enough to run a further 189 marathons or longer; my 12 ultra-marathons include a couple of 100 milers along the South Downs Way and Thames Path.

      Over the course of those 9 years, I've been able to raise over £25,000 for various charities including a few different cancer charities.

      A bizarre conversation in the back of a cramped car heading for a race in Dorset saw me in conversation with Jim Mundy, a ’07 and ’08 Brathay 10in10 finisher. I had no intention of entering such a crazy event but wanted to find out more. That extra information came with an entry form and I accidentally found myself entering!

      Part of my conversation with Jim was trying to understand why anyone would do this twice but I have completed the event five times and now understand exactly why. The Brathay 10in10 is a very special event, Brathay is a wonderful place, and the Brathay Trust is a fantastic charity that holds a very special place in my heart. Over half of the £25,000 I’ve raised has gone towards the work Brathay does with children and young adults and hopefully we can push that figure even higher during my 6th 10in10.

      My motivation this time is to complete my 60th official marathon round Windermere in memory of my father (a keen sportsman in his youth he represented the county at football, cricket and basketball). He passed away 11 years ago from cancer just two months short of his 60th birthday so I want to get to 60 for him.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor David (Foxy) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Julie Whiting

      Julie Whiting
      Age: 50
      Marathons to date: 0

      I’m 50 years young, a wife, a mum and a grandma and the Brathay Trust Operations Manager for Yorkshire and Humber. And I have never run a marathon before!

      I am in training for my 10in10 challenge and am well supported by family and colleagues, but I recently realised that, in order to achieve my dream, I need to be running with a club. So, I have teamed up with Eccleshill Road Runners who are a supportive crew and I know they will push me in my journey to the finish line on Day 10.

      I’ve worked for the last 4 years developing the community element of Brathay’s work in the Yorkshire and Humber region. And it’s my passion for the work that Brathay does that is my inspiration for this challenge. That’s the answer to questions like “why the 10 in 10?” and “why set the bench mark so high?” I see first-hand how the money raised by the 10in10 challenge enables children, young people and families to move into better places and make positive choices about their futures; it can be life-changing.

      Over the past 10 years I have been involved in raising funds for various charities through events such as Summer Balls,  fun days, auctions, bag packing days, and parachute jumps, and I have raised in excess of £40k. I’m bringing all of that experience to my 10in10 fundraising.

      In May 2015, I will be one of 17 runners attempting 10 marathons on 10 consecutive days around Lake Windermere - one of the toughest marathon courses in the UK.  It will be 262 miles of highs and lows, and although I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be a member of the 2015 team, I also realise that this will be the toughest challenge I’ve ever undertaken!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Julie and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Kate McIntyre

      Kate McIntyre
      Age: 52
      Marathons to date: 6

      I didn’t start running until I was 45 when I signed up for the Leeds Abbey Dash and was determined to beat the hour. I surprised myself by coming in at 49.56. I suppose you could say I never looked back. I went from 10k to half marathons and then completed my first ever marathon in 2012, just a few months before my 50th birthday. This was the Brathay Windermere Marathon and was one of my most enjoyable days ever - I got the marathon bug! I signed up for Chester later that same year. Since then I’ve run Manchester, Windermere (again!), Berlin and Yorkshire.

      I never would have thought in a million years that someone like me could run 10 marathons in 10 days, but last year I was honoured to support a former tutor of mine, Chris Heaton, when he ran 30 marathons in 30 days to raise funds for Brathay. Let’s just say it sowed a seed in my mind!

      I’m proud to work at Engage Mutual; a friendly society whose main product is “Over 50s life insurance”. Engage does lots of good work in the community. They have generously sponsored my entry into the 10in10 and I hope to repay them by proving what an “Over 50” is capable of!

      I’m lucky to have been born into a very loving, happy and supportive family. I went to a good school, where I learned not only about passing exams, but about respect, responsibility and hard work (perhaps rather old fashioned values these days!). I believe that all young people deserve access to the same advantages and opportunities that I had, and that is why I want to raise as much money as I can to support Brathay’s amazing work.

      I do most of my running in “God’s Own Country”, particularly the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Whatever the weather, it’s always uplifting to be out there amongst nature. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m addicted to 70s and 80s pop, which always brings a smile to my face (Einstein a Go-Go, I Love to Boogie, Killer Queen etc)

      And I don’t mind if you don’t sponsor me, as long as you sponsor at least one of us! The money will still go to Brathay and that is the most important thing!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Kate and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Lesley Coulton

      Lesley Coulton
      Age: 49
      Marathons to date: 26

      I live in Devon with my daughters Ellen (21) and Vicky (18), Malaki our Husky, and my personal trainer! Windermere is a very special place to me where I have some of my earliest childhood memories.

      To be honest I was not really a runner but liked exercise and have worked in the Leisure industry all my life until this year. I went to a marathon with previous 10in10 finishers Davey and Heather Hamilton two years ago, and on the morning I decided to try and keep up with them. After getting lost on several occasions we finished!  Two years later, I have completed 26 marathons both abroad and in England and I have 14 booked to the end of 2014. Getting hooked on running is very easy when you enjoy the outdoors and you get to meet some fantastic people and create everlasting friendships.  I continue to be inspired by runners who have mental or physical challenges yet still achieve their goals, and those runners who raise thousands of pounds for charities.

      My first multi marathon - three marathons in three days in San Francisco – was a very special achievement as we met some very special people. Other achievements include running around a lake 69 times (!) in four days (thanks Foxy!) in order to complete my first Quad, crewing for 100 mile races for many inspirational friends, and lastly, but the one that’s most emotional, seeing my partner complete his 100th marathon and his 2nd 10in10 at Brathay in 2014.

      My inspiration was always my mother, who told us that we could achieve our goals and taught us strong values, which have benefitted me throughout my life. I have always believed that treating people in the way you would expect to be treated is the best way of developing strong relations either at home or work, with trust and respect being very strong values for me. 

      I have always worked in sport and have completed many funding applications in support of young people in my professionally roles. My first was in Birkenhead where antisocial behaviour was a problem, within six weeks the young people had turned their lives around and were contributing to their communities. A £5,000 grant led to over £250,000 in two years and I have seen the way that sport, leadership and youth development programmes change young people's lives. Brathay Trust provides a lifeline to thousands of young people each year; raising as much money as I can whilst running around one of my most favourite locations in the whole world is the least I can do.   

      Please donate today to my JustGiving page and sit back and watch the amazing journey of 17 very special people all giving up two weeks of their time and throwing the kitchen sink at such a personal challenge, one that started with an Aly phone call in June 2014 and ends in May 2015 on day ten of the Brathay 10in10. 

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Lesley and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Mark Bradshaw

      Mark Bradshaw
      Age: 44
      Marathons to date: 10

      I’m reformed couch potato!

      After a brief (20-year) absence from any form of exercise I woke up in 2011 and found myself overweight, depressed and hopelessly unfit. I’ve no recollection of what made me think of trying, but on that fateful day I found an old pair of trainers and headed outside to try to run a mile. That first run brought me to a standstill after 100 metres, unable to breath and ready to throw-up. It showed me how far I’d sunk and gave me a challenge to try to change myself. After the first few weeks of running a few metres at a time I managed to run a 10k in July on sheer will-power and promptly gave up running. By October I realised I was back where I started and just as unfit as ever. I started running again and, determined to keep it going this time, I’ve run and cycled regularly ever since. 

      My first marathon was in May 2012 in Edinburgh, which I finished in 4 hours 46 minutes. As I crossed the line my main thoughts were, “if I ran that again, I think I could run it faster” and, “if I trained properly I wonder if it would hurt less?” I guess I knew at that point I was hooked! I’ve now run 10 marathons, 6 of them in 2014, and hope to reach at least 20 by the end of the year.

      I love running and the peace it gives me and look forward to all the runs I do, whether short or long. Just so long as I’m outside and moving I’m happy.

      I’m married to Anna and have four (yes, four!) children: Kayleigh (18), Melissa (16), Carenza (11) and Ryan (8). We live just outside the arse-end of the middle of nowhere, in the hills south of Livingston in Scotland. I work in IT for Wood Mackenzie in Edinburgh, a great place to work and the first place I’ve worked which provides several showers and a changing room. It’s also perfectly placed close to the end of the Union Canal, which is one of my favourite running routes.

      My running inspirations are the previous 10in10ers, and the class of 2015. Watching the videos from previous years, and reading about Brathay Trust, has made me determined to do everything I can to raise money for this great charity. Society seems to think it is fine to write off many young people without ever having given them a chance. Hopefully by completing the 10in10 I can help a bit towards giving a brighter future to those that need it and have the courage to try. It would also be fantastic if I could inspire at least one other person to start exercising. After all, if I can do it anyone can.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Mark and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Paul Sutherland

      Paul Sutherland
      Age: 48

      I live in Milton Keynes but I’m originally from Liverpool. I am a member of the 100 Marathon Club and MK Redway Runners and I work for Network Rail. In fact, I am coming up to nearly 30 years in the rail industry and last year I was extremely proud to be awarded a fellowship for my work in the field of railway operations.

      I ran a marathon in 1994 in Stevenage in the pouring rain, it was on my bucket list and it was a "never again" at the finish line. In 2008 I ran the London 10km and from this I ran a couple of half marathons such as the Great North Half or the even Greater North (Liverpool Half) but never did I consider another marathon.

      However, I was offered a place in the ‘10 London Marathon and my social running became training. I decided that if I was to train again for a marathon I would run three amazing marathons and then retire from the distance. I ran London and then a trail marathon (Dunstable Downs) and in October 2010 retired by running a mountain Marathon "Der Kiaser" in Austria. What an amazing way to retire - at 2,500m on a bright sunny day on the top of an alp.

      However in 2012 my (and my partner’s) ballot place for London came up. I had even forgotten we had entered but it was London here we go again! I then decided to retire once I was in double figures so we planned the races for a summer of adventure. When picking my number up at London Marathon Expo and proudly announcing I was to run 10 marathons, the man said, "why not run ONE HUNDRED, have you heard of the 100 marathon challenge?”

      The rest as they say is history! I ran 100 marathons in 2 years. I ran several mountain marathons, track marathons, cross country, UK and European city marathons, and even one down a Communist salt mine (the deepest and driest marathon in the world)! 

      During this time I have run with many of the 10in10ers and I therefore ran the Brathay Windermere Marathon to find out more. The more I looked into what the charity achieved, the more I wanted to apply. I am an adoptive parent and a trained foster carer so I understand the real need in the community to help our children.

      Since 1989, I have raised money for various charities - usually to support cancer or children. For my Brathay 10in10 appearance I am looking to raise money within my company but also by arranging two classic car events. The first of which has raised £3,100.    

      I was nearly killed in 1989 and when you go through such an event it is a very emotional experience. I often run with a special race number and usually in my beloved Liverpool top, which reminds me of how lucky I am to be alive and stops me feeling sorry for myself when I get tired. So it’s a great honour to be able to help and I just hope I can inspire others to do something amazing.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Paul and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Richard Rex

      Richard Rex
      Age: 44
      Marathons to date: 7

      My wife Clare and I are about to enter our 15th year together and we have a 7 year old son William. I run for City of Hull AC and have been a member for just over a year now. I've been employed by Smith & Nephew PLC for the last 9 years and my current role is Customer Account Manager.

      I'm a late bloomer running-wise and, with the exception of a couple of Great North Runs in 1999 and 2001, I really started in early 2012, primarily to raise money for charities that care for children with life shortening illnesses. As part of this I completed the inaugural Hull Marathon in April. My fundraising continued into 2013 and by running both the London and Yorkshire marathons I was able to raise over £1,500.

      I certainly have the marathon bug now and I'm now up to 7 with many more in the pipeline before the Brathay 10in10. Two of these marathons have provided my most special memories: completing the London Marathon in 2013 and running the Brathay Marathon in 2014. I enjoyed both for very different reasons: London was intense and noisy, Brathay was beautiful and inspiring. Both brought a lump to my throat.

      I entered the 2014 marathon online, followed the links to the Brathay 10in10 pages and became absorbed by the challenge and the stories of the 2014 team. I also drew a lot of comparisons to my own childhood and the work that the Trust does with young people; moving stuff. When I registered for the race on Saturday I saw many of the runners finishing day 9 and I also had the chance to talk to the event staff about the challenge. I think at this point I already knew I might apply, but once I'd run the race and met some of the 10in10ers en route I knew I was going to do it.

      Since I was invited to be part of the 2015 team I haven’t struggled with motivation at all. Whenever my running is hard I remind myself it's all about being in the best possible shape to complete the 2015 10in10 and raise essential funds for Brathay Trust. That gets me through every time. I have the inner strength to complete this. My body may break but my spirit will not. I really, really want to do this thing and my life is already changing in ways I didn't imagine. I hope to remain strong and smash my fundraising target, but my greatest fear is injury.

      I'm just an ordinary bloke from East Yorkshire who decided to do something to help turn around the lives of children and young adults who just need a few breaks and a whole lot of support. I would have given a lot for this when I was younger. You can make a difference too, just follow the links and make a donation.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Richard and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Samantha Tucker

      Samantha Tucker
      Age: 26
      Marathons to date: 6

      I ran my first marathon in London aged 19, and hadn’t yet learnt that Vaseline should be applied before running that far, or that special socks should be worn. I ran London again the following year, just to see if it would still hurt. It did, but I also connected with that feeling of weightlessness for the first time, of miles passing and my smile getting bigger. I run because it’s simple; it’s shoes, your mind and an open road. As George Sheehan says, “the obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life”. I’m always searching for ways to take more from every moment, running has always offered that. If every step forward can be taken as a celebration, May is going to be one huge party!

      I’ve been blindingly inspired by: all the previous 10in10 runners, Chris Heaton, Caballo Blanco, writers who are also runners, Haruki Murukami, Rory Stewart who has traversed countries by foot, and any runners who’ve crossed mile paths with me at events. With great conversation, or even rubbish conversation, running reaches new heights of fun. I'm a Poetry graduate, so may well be quoting T. S. Eliot as I weave around the lake and run - there is solace in repetition.

      I’ve made several trips to India and Nepal over the past five years, living in Delhi, the busiest city ever. Surely the 10in10 will be easier, as there will be no cows in my way?

      I now work for a charity in London, Hadassah UK, as a researcher and charity support, where I’m learning the importance of fundraising for small organisations. I’ll be selling a chapbook of travel photos and tales to help fundraise for Brathay Trust and am so honoured and excited to be part of the team for 2015.

      I’ve been in my local running club, Gade Valley Harriers, since I was 17 and in between university and travels. My best running achievement to date is the completion of a 40 mile ‘ultra’ to mark my 25th birthday this spring.

      My biggest fear is that my legs won’t be strong enough to keep up with my head. The only thing that got me through my first marathon, and the five since has been to mutter, “you’re strong” over and over.

      I will need all the support I can get out there on the open road, as the lake ebbs and flows, and I meander (slowly) around its edges. Currently powered by green smoothies, but by day 10, I may be in need of something stronger!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Samantha and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Sonja (Sonic) Foster

      Sonja (Sonic) Foster
      Age: 45
      Marathons to date: 4

      I’m a member of Parkside Panthers and Barrow Striders in Barrow in Furness and work for both Barrow Borough Council and Nuffield Health as a swimming teacher. I’m also a Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard and Duty Officer for Barrow Borough Council, and a run leader via Run England.

      I have always been a very fit and active person throughout my childhood and adult life and I enjoy challenging both my mental and physical abilities. After taking the first step and applying for the London Marathon in 2004 my running career was born. Since then I have run the London Marathon twice, the Sunderland Marathon and the Coniston off road Marathon, and I have completed the 40 mile Keswick to Barrow annual local event 10 times in total.

      I also train other people to run and lead a group of 42 women, following a running programme I devised, from couch to 5k in 13 weeks. I gained a great amount of enjoyment from seeing them achieve something they thought was impossible and I continued to train the group afterwards and eventually we formed the Parkside Panther running group. I have trained with some local running legends, Dave Spencer, Roly Carruthers and Steve Murray, and their running stories have inspired me to go for my dreams.

      Last year I took on a Run 101 miles challenge to raise money for the Army Benevolent Fund in memory of a local hero and lifelong friend, Kingsman David Robert Shaw who was tragically killed whilst serving his country in Afghanistan. It was a very emotional time for me and I entered various races throughout the year to reach the mileage total and raise approximately £1,800. 

      I set a challenge for myself every year to experience something new.  The 10in10 is without doubt my biggest challenge and it is going to push me to my limits but I enjoy really testing my own self-belief and my mental and physical abilities. I am training hard and keeping myself focused on the amazing charity I am running for and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and strangers who have donated money and fundraising gifts.

      Penny Morton has been my inspiration for the Brathay 10in10. After reading her story in the local paper I thought what an amazing woman and I want to do it too. When I looked into it further and found out about the charity behind it, it made me make up my mind to enter and I want to do it more than anything I have ever done in the past.

      I have raised about £20,000 over 10 years for various charities including Furness Oncology Unit, St Mary’s Hospice and Allices’ Escapes. Nationally I have fundraised for Help for Heroes, Army Benevolent Fund, Cancer Research and Diabetes UK. 

      I hope to inspire other ordinary women like me to do something out of the ordinary and to enrich their own lives. I work two jobs whilst bringing up my own family. I am also a grandmother and use the rest of my free time coaching other runners and encouraging people to discover the many health giving benefits of running and exercise.
      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Sonja (Sonic) and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Tony Hooper

      Tony Hooper
      Age: 40
      Marathons to date: 25

      I’ll have reached the BIG 4-‘O’ come May 2015 so it will be nice to celebrate in style by doing a ‘few’ laps of my favourite lake! I’m married to my biggest supporter, Jo, and have two lovely daughters, Amelia (13) and Elisha (11). I live in Grimsby near the coastal sea-side town of Cleethorpes on the east coast where I have run for Cleethorpes Athletics Club for the last 7 years. 

      Running gives me a number benefits - keeps me fit, focused and in shape and is also a fantastic stress reliever after a busy day at work, and when I’m in training for marathons it allows me to eat and drink what I like. I also love the friends I’ve made along the way; the running community I’ve encountered offer nothing but advice and encouragement, they don’t really care what you doing for a living, just as long as you’re able to meet up and compete in the next race.

      I’ve dabbled in a couple of ultras: 40 mile track ultra in Wales (161 laps of 400m track – NEVER TO BE REPEATED AGAIN!), a 100km, an attempt at a 100 miler (but had to pull out at 71 miles due to blisters), and a number of multi-day marathons.

      My first 10 marathons took me 10 years to complete, my next 10 marathons took me 10 days to complete having had the opportunity to participate and complete the Brathay 10in10 challenge in 2013.  In total I’ve completed around 25 marathons, I don’t really keep track of how many, I’m not really fanatical about how many I’ve completed. To me it’s not how many I’ve done but focusing on specific ones and aiming for certain goals.

      I was fortunate enough to get fantastic support during my fundraising for the Brathay 10in10 challenge in 2013 and I was able to raise just over £4,200 for the charity. I hope that I can raise the same, if not more, this time round so that Brathay Trust can continue with their community and residential programmes to help children and young adults to re-engage with education, become peer mentors and young leaders within their community, and steer them away from criminal activity and engage in positive behaviour.

      Please don’t be fooled that having completed this challenge once that it’ll be easier the second time around. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. This challenge is totally unforgiving and the demands placed on your body during the 10 days and 262 miles will find out any weaknesses that you may have, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is my overriding motivation for the next 9 months of training - when Day 1 comes round on Friday 8th May 2015, I HAVE TO BE IN THE BEST SHAPE I CAN POSSIBLY BE.

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Tony and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Malcolm Collins

      Malcolm Collins
      Age: 46
      Marathons to date: 140

      I live in Leigh, west of Manchester. I’m married to Yuk-Lam and we have 2 children, Abbey aged 12 and Lucas aged 9. During the day I run Collins Reinforcements Ltd, the family business, with my brother Paul. The rest of the time I just run.

      I completed my first marathon back in 1996 in Manchester and vowed never to run one again. I have since run 140 marathons, including London, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Rotterdam, Madrid, Malta and Tromso, to name just a few.

      I’m treasurer at my local running club Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners. Everyone at my running club thinks I’m running mad including the club coach, so my nick-name is “Marathon Mon”.

      When I took part in the Brathay Windermere Marathon in 2007, and first saw the runners completing the 10in10, it inspired me to take up the challenge myself in 2011 and again in 2013. It’s a brutal challenge, both mentally and physically, but both times I loved every minute of it and I’m so pleased to be coming back again for a 3rd time in 2015.

      I have already proved to myself once wasn’t a fluke but after knee surgery last year, has my body still got what it takes to complete this gruelling challenge? Can I still complete the challenge even faster than last time? Can I also raise more money than last time for the wonderful Brathay Trust? Let’s see next May.

      I plan to give this challenge my all and only hope my body doesn’t break down on me and stop me finishing it. Trust me, my mind will do anything to keep the body going for the full 10 days!

      I once ran 2 marathons in 2 days in “pink” to raise money for Breast Cancer. It seemed to start something and now I can often be seen racing in pink or other bright colours. I enjoy colour and love to brighten up a race. So if you see me at a race during my preparation for the 10in10 do come over and say hello. And I hope to inject a bit of extra colour to the Brathay 10in10 next May.

      You can follow me on my journey by reading how my training is going, where I’ve run, will be running and finally during the event itself at

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Malcolm and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at
    • Craig Johnson

      Craig Johnson
      Age: 41
      Marathons to date: 24

      Once weighing in at over 18 stone, I am now a self-confessed ex-fatty, who found running in 2005 when I ran my first ever 5 mile event in an attempt to lose weight. With stop-start training from then on, I joined my local running club, Hermitage Harriers, and I have since completed 30 half marathons and 22 marathons, the latter of which included the 2013 Brathay 10in10.

      I wouldn’t consider myself to be a natural runner or particularly athletic, but 2013 proved that there is “no such thing as can’t”. Having found a determination and focus never before experienced I completed this exceptionally tough, painful, physically and emotionally draining event and vowed never do anything so crazy again!

      But my day 10 was spoiled by injury and the walk across the finish line instead of a triumphant run has stayed with me. After spending a week supporting the class of 2014, a spark of inspiration lit the fire inside once more.

      Having raised over £8,500 for Brathay in 2013, and many thousands for other charities via running events, I feel exceptionally proud, humbled and privileged to have been selected for a second time. And I’m hoping that my previous participation makes me that bit wiser; I know what training worked and what needs to be changed.

      The Brathay family, the selfless work of the charity, the 10in10 event itself, the Windermere course – they are all infectious, they get under your skin, and they have made me come back for more!

      Make a Donation. You can sponsor Craig and support Brathay Trust by making a donation at

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