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23 May 2011

Final Call

I know I haven’t been around here a lot... BUT....  I was jogging round a pond... and then I was being put back together again.... so I could do it again... so I could be put back together... so I could run again ... and then I was being fixed  again... and again....  & again...

I have now completed the most physical and mental challenge I have ever undertaken... it was tough, (that’s an understatement), and I wouldn’t have done it without my team mates .. and certainly not without @thebodyrehab – what they don’t know about fixing, mending & manipulating just isn’t worth knowing...  and throughout all the pain (and I had quite a bit of that) I wouldn’t have missed it.... it was worth it....

Basically when I crossed the finish line I was thankful that the job was done, I did what was asked of me & I held up my side of the promise... as time is passing I am beginning to realise that what I have done might be a bit special... but the truth is this was down to team work, a bit of luck and good old grim determination ... would I do it again... NO, this for me could not be experienced again, I have had the privilege of meeting 12 most inspiring, understated, determined individuals ever... l was in awe of their dedication and determination and I certainly didn’t want to be the one to let the “13 out 13 in”  motto down....  I have a few thanks...I wont apologise...

Nicola (My Physio) -  You gave me the confidence to get to the start line every day ...

Howard – I know that you hurt more than me & you kept going so I had too

Amanda -  You made me laugh when I really wanted to cry

Mark – Your eggs

Roxy – Your taping ability

Andy – Your smile and encouragement at the start of every race

Malc – Your humour

Noel – Your understanding & I know I owe you a bottle of tea tree oil!

Penny – For always having something to say

Foxy – For your experience and knowledge

Matt – The  Hulk... good to be on the right side of you

John – Your humour, it’s drier than mine

John D – Your understatement and determination

Lizzie – My roomie for being as quiet as a mouse

Graham – For keeping a watchful eye

Deana – for washing up after me

Aly -  Your hugs

Mac – For not stopping on the day I really wanted you too

Ask me a question, and I’ll tell no lies, but until then, I’m over & out, I am A TiT!!!


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17 May 2011

Day 5

Sorry no blogging, dont know where the days are going, so a quick recap

basically I have been doing the same thing for the past few days, eating, running and refuelling... ohh I had a row with a car, who told me I was running on the wrong side of the road.... Amanda & Mark were shocked.... and I have learnt to grow some fab blisters.... made Graham's day when he got to sort those! 

Today though was tough... really tough...over the past few days aches and pains have set in and today was by far the worst, pain set in from the first step & it was a case of just taking one step at a time and walking down hills.... I'm thinking that it might get worse... but on the positive side The body rehab have put me together each morning & night & I just have to trust that they can do the same tonight... and on that note I need to go.... will try and catch up soon sorry for my absence ... 


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14 May 2011

Day 2 4.35

I don’t think I appreciated how  crap I felt yesterday & I forgot to tellyou about the little “turn” I had afterwardswhich I can only describe as a kind of out of body experience andwatching things happen but in slow motion … but that is history, we are nowfirmly at the end of day 2… this time things went much better, I actually feltlike a runner today, which yesterday I did not, so timing is a funny old thing,as 3.35 today with a 15 minute stop to sort ‘lil sis blister out, that rapidlygrew to an angry teenager over the first 13 miles… if you follow @jwultra ontwitter you will know that the decision was taken today to pop it… well if youcall a decision Graham from @thebodyrehab walking over with a needle a decision– he later confessed to liking these jobs, I guess I should take comfort fromthe fact I clearly made his day….

I am now tired, and I am getting a little stiff with lowerback pain and thighs… however the ice bath (although freezing), is working& I got the prize for the first person to swear, so if you are offended byswearing cover your ears now –“Holy Sheeeeet” was a good description of how itfelt & I think I was the first to swear because no one else could speak…Just for the record, the girls are trouncing the boys at staying the distance !!!!

Tomorrow I will again take it easy, take plenty of fluidsand try and fuel on the go… I will continue to run at my pace & let my legsdecide speed…. They have no choice over distance … 

Thanks once again for all your support, really appreciate it


Ta Ta for now…

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13 May 2011

Day 1 4.23

4.23 if you didnt know... fine with that, I got round and now feel pretty ok.. so cant ask for more than that!

I have learnt a couple of lessons.. my tummy & I had an argument from around mile 12, so all I managed for the 2nd half was water & a couple of chocolate buttons... changing drinks tommoz to try and resolve.. The last couple of miles were tough as had nothing in the tank at all and the hill up to Brathay needs to go, I am going to learn to hate that!

Also somehow managed to get a lovely blood blister & then a 'lil one to keep it company... @thebodyrehab are going to sort for me ... unsurprisingly after dinner (I can't say as I blame them)!

Had some fantastic support on the course today, my dad & uncle came over to see me and managed to catch me at Newby Bridge... that kept me going for a good few miles.. 

Short 2 nite as need to go a get some fuel in me, just to say thanks for all the support, via twitter etc, it really does make a difference
Catch u tommoz


ps dont forget u can guess my steps over the 10 days to have a chance of winning £50, for just a fiver, go on give it a go

Big hugs

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09 May 2011


Following a fab idea from twitter follower @loveslivingwell here is the general itinerary for the 10 in 10 which starts on Friday 13th... 

Marathon 1-9 starts at 10.30 in the morning, or as close to as thetraffic allows.... we start on the road outside Brathay postcode LA22 Ohp 

The last Marathon on Sunday 22nd, the TiT's will start at 9.30, which 1 hour ahead of the Brathay Windermere Marathon which starts at 10.30... Obviously this dayis going to be busier than the rest..Please note if you intend to park at Brathay on this day you wont be able to take the car off site untillate afternoon - for obvious reasons....  

The course is run anti clockwise around the lake... B5286 to Hawkshead passed the littlelake of Estwaite Water (I keep it on my left - your right as looking on amap), through high stott park & low stott park, to Lakeside and then overthe bridge at Newby Bridge, the lake is now on the left & the course goes via theA592 & A591 back to Brathay

One last thing... it is the Lakes and therefore phone signal is dodgy to say the least....

I think I have thought of everything but if anyone has any questions please post a comment below or ask via Twitter and I will reply

Thanks for all your support I really appreciate it

Dont forget you can still sponsor me at  


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05 May 2011

I am not perfect... I can only hope to be good enough...

Unless something unexpected happens,  this is probably gonna be the last blog before I head to Brathay next week for the start of this challenge I have set myself ... GULP!!

So time for a little reflection as the year long preparation is now nearing completion...Firstly, have I enjoyed the journey? ....  the honest answer is perhaps it is too soon to tell... and it really does depend if I complete the full 10 in 10.. in which case yes all the pain, sacrifice & training shoes will have been worth it... If I fail... well... that would take a lot of getting over, although I have learnt a lot about myself.... for example, I know that I get tired and cranky if I run more than 90miles a week (look out fellow TiTs) that means by day 3 I am going to be horrid.. by day 8 if I had the energy I may be ready for bloodshed.. .. I also know that with training and determination it is amazing what the human body can do... I remember the milestone of running 100 miles in one week... I genuinely look down the hill at running anything less than 16miles, I can now run 20+ and then can get up and do the same the next day.... But this has come at a price, my aim was to get to the start injury free and whilst I have done fairly well with this I will be starting the challenge with some Achilles  thickening, this means that it is painful to run & I am running slower than normal as I cant take my normal stride length...  Hopefully Graham @thebodyrehab can get me through this...

Secondly as d-day approaches and as I have done more media work (did you know I was on the telly)? I have spent longer thinking about the reason I needed to do this (and yes it was a need),  and that has in turn led to a few tears as I think about mum and how much she meant to me.  Ultimately I have however learnt that although I still miss mum and would do anything for her still to be here, I realise that I am one of the very lucky ones.... I had mum looking out for me every day of my life for 39 years...  there are many out there that are much less fortunate than I am... and I guess for this reason alone, I have to thank Brathay for being given the opportunity of learning about  all the great work that they do for youngsters and for making me appreciate all I had, not mourn what I have lost.

Remember you can follow me via 140 characters on twitter/VanessaBuckle or even better you can show your support via

Thanks for reading


Vanessa XxX



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11 April 2011

Random thoughts

I haven’t done enough training

I’m scared

I don’t want it to start

I cant wait for it to be over

I am seriously tired

I know that personally, I have never been fitter, but the question is am I fit enough?  I am a great believer that the success of a challenge like this is as much down to your mental preparation as well as your physical fitness & up very recently  I was mentally prepared to do this, now as I am pushing the last bit of energy I have, I am beginning to think I couldof/shouldof done more to be physically fit and therefore it is having a negative effect on my mental state….  The actual reality when I get my sane head on (rather like worzel gummidge's handsome head, saved for special occasions only), I have trained as hard as time/work/energy allows – but of course I would like to be fitter at this final stage….   I’m also scared… Of starting, & not finishing,  of forgetting my trainers… forgetting my kit in general.. I am scared of failure… and although failure is not an option.. being scared is probably a good thing right???

Thats it folks…. short this time..

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28 March 2011


Things I dislike - strongly!!

  1. Running
  2. Peanut butter & all things calorific
  3. Having to wear flats as heels are bad for runners
  4. That I am always late, as training always takes longer than I think
  5. Glute exercises (sorry Graham from @thebodyrehab)
  6. The ever filling, never receding spot in my eyebrow
  7. That I cant go & get shedded on a weekend as it means I cant train properly
  8. That I need 3 towels in my bathroom as if I am not training I am showering
  9. That I have to wear dark polish on my toes as pretty colours would show my disgusting nails
  10. Moaning minnies!!! 

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Thanks for reading


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10 March 2011

Sugar & Spice

That was a result! The week that was that is, not the week that is.....

Last week was sugar and spice and all things nice, this week is definitely a frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails, kind of a week..... and it aint over yet...

Sugar and Spice, was down to an ok training week, less running, more core strength and to be honest I like the variety, running I have realised can get a bit boring if you get my drift.... what made the week so special was, as ever down to friends doing more than their bit... Friday saw 28 of us sitting down at two tables (one for the grown-ups & one for the naught peeps) – No need to ask where I was, eating curry prepared for by Terry & Cath.... Well, prepared by Cath who has spent the previous 3 weeks making 5 different curries, pulses and all things yummy.... It was a fab evening and raised over £350  for Brathay.....  The night gave me a chance to talk about how some Brathay projects help kids, and also raise a glass for my mum... I didn’t quite blub, but I nearly did... Again

I really cant thank Cath enough for all the cooking and both Cath & Terry for their hospitality & for all the time that went into making the night such a success, so this with the help of Philly & Tim’s pizza night has made a serious contribution to overall sponsorship... Guys, it is appreciated I am lucky to call you my friends....

I finished the week with a half marathon, the aim was to run a steady pace and start the weeks training with tired but workable legs.... HMMMM, perhaps I am a little competitive... To be fair it is the first half I have ever run... so wasn’t sure what to expect or what pace I could manage, and managed 1hr 36... which on reflection of the miles already on my legs was a good result. Sunday night saw me a little spaced out... Monday saw me completely knackered, I would use another word as knackered doesn’t quite do justice to how zonked I was, let me tell you nothing worked, including the legs and the thought of being out on them for 10miles was abhorrent Let alone 26.2  Tuesday found me not even thinking straight...  If I were a car I would have been sent to the crusher...  and now I have a cold.... so... guess I over exerted myself just ever such a little....  

So lesson learnt, speed or distance choose one both is just greedy!

Thanks for reading..

As ever, you know the drill





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02 March 2011

I might be insane BUT

I know I’m mad but its not my fault

Am pretty sure that today was the day that the 1000th person called me insane, and that got me thinking… & I’ve already told you that thinking is bad for me – so I thought I’d tell you why this challenge and this charidee is soo personal to me.

Firstly, in case you haven’t picked up on it, my mum & I were really close, I mean really, really close she was, rightly or wrongly the person who came first in my life, I could tell her anything, and whilst she may not always like what I did she never once turned her back on me, I knew that she was there for me and we always, but always, looked out for each other.  We honestly and genuinely had the most fun when it was just the two of us and neither had to share the other….Its ok, I know  that in the order of things parents do die before kids, and I accept that (now), but, when she died it hit me hard, very hard… I was to put it mildly really really Pi**ed  off with the situation, and really really very angry BUT, what time has given me the benefit of is acceptance and realisation that actually, I am one of the lucky ones, I had someone who put me first, without question and without fail…. And I had that for 39 years……

On the other hand….. One of the projects that Brathay help with is kids/adolescents whose parent(s) have alcohol and drug dependencies…..These are kids that have no support, no one putting them first, unselfishly & unreservedly.. no one!!  Brathay provide the support and guidance and ok hopefully a bit of fun to these kids that otherwise would not have a role model, would not have support & would not have a someone to talk to about their concerns or issues…. EVER, and they are at the end of the day Children…..

I don’t know about you but I found my teenage years pretty hard and that was with the support and guidance from my mum, if I didn’t have her around  I am almost certain that my life would have taken on a different path…. And that almost certainly would not have been as productive or as happy…

So, maybe I am insane, but I’m doing my best to give some children a chance to have a glimpse at what I once took for granted….. And remember, I cant do it without your support

Thanks for reading, feel free to post a comment & why not donate, now:-

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All the best

Vanessa xXx

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