By Tinu Ogundari, 16 May 2012 – 16 comments

Today went to pieces after a promising start from mile 6, the ankle injury from yesterday flared up and i could not run much on it and how to power walk for 10 miles: during this walking i called Chris to get some support and advice and he said just one step at a time, i will get there and eventually down the line i will be able to run!  but with that pain, there was no way that was going to happen, but kept the faith and believe.

saw Aly who actually reminded me to take some painkillers and i did from about 14 miles and the pain was lessen a little bit and surprise surprise i was able to run for half a mile at a time, and then rest and then do it again!

but towards the last 4 miles, i just walked the whole way back and called my family and friends during that time to take my mind off the pain beacuse it was so much, ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

returned back 8.15 hours almost an hour on yesterday's time, but another one in the bag, i dont care if i have to walk that is what i am going to do to complete this challenge one day at a time!!!!

the leg/ankle feels better again and thanks to the body rehab team, that are soooo amazing, i will be getting some treatment in the morning before i set off which will be the first time in the morning!

thanks all my fellow runners that caught up with me during the race, for hugs and moral support, that means so much.

dont know what tomorrow brings but i will be on that start line tomorrow by the grace of God.

Thanks for reading :-)


  • David Jackson

    16 May 2012, 7.28pm

    Dear Tinu I will be out on the course supporting tommorow

    God bless you he will give you strength, blessings in the lord Jesus

    Dave jackson @ albmaleaf

  • Steve Edwards

    16 May 2012, 7.31pm

    Each step you take is a step nearer to your goal, as long as you keep moving forwards, you will reach your destiny. Your an amazing lady Tinu, keep believing, you have amazing people around you to share the journey with, you will triumph. x

  • Martin

    16 May 2012, 7.35pm

    Each time I saw you today I could see it was a big, big, tough day. You made it. Well done. I'm proud of you. See you on the start line tomorrow.

  • Melissa Williams

    16 May 2012, 7.41pm

    Well done Tinu, It was lovely to chat to you today and catch up a bit, i'm so sorry that your ankle was feeling bad, but glad to hear you were a bit better by the end. I do hope those physio people manage to work some magic on you!

    Melissa x

  • John 66

    16 May 2012, 8.55pm

    Good luck tomorrow - thinking of you.

  • Lorna Gold

    16 May 2012, 9.07pm

    Big respect to you, Tinu. I'm full of admiration for the way you got stuck in and fitted the training for this event around your responsibilities at home, and for the way you've trotted out those long days on the road so far. Wishing you strength and health xxx

  • Karen Wilson

    16 May 2012, 10.05pm

    aww honey sorry to hear this but WELL DONE on your sheer guts & determination to complete the course.

    I hope the recovery team fix your ankle for you so you can complete the rest of the challenge (I have every faith in you)

    Take care and healing prayers for you. Keep up the fantastic effort xxxx

  • Sarah Spall

    16 May 2012, 10.38pm

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad day. I am sure though that with the help of the body ninjas and your own grit and determination will get you through - BUT take care of yourself xxxx

  • matt

    16 May 2012, 10.43pm

    Toks your strength, mental and physical, determination and, possibly most importantly, your faith are amazing. I hold not the slightest doubt that you shall complete this challenge and be crossing the line with a huge smile in your face come Sunday


  • matt

    16 May 2012, 10.43pm

    Toks your strength, mental and physical, determination and, possibly most importantly, your faith are amazing. I hold not the slightest doubt that you shall complete this challenge and be crossing the line with a huge smile in your face come Sunday


  • wona

    16 May 2012, 10.43pm

    Still doing an awesome job.!! keep doing what your doing.... i do hope the injury abaits for you..

    I love that ,the video diary of your finish, when your lay on the grass (was it day 5? ) ... we hear your michael jackson song playing....:)

  • Annie Reid

    16 May 2012, 11.04pm

    I have huge respect and admiration for you Toks. I'm following you every day and you're doing an amazing job. I'm sending every healing vibe I can your way and wishing much strength to your legs for the coming days. xxx

  • JulesR

    17 May 2012, 12.18am

    Hi Toks, hang in there you're doing great.

    An Ironman will seem really easy after this is out the way;)


  • nicola MAY

    17 May 2012, 8.20am

    Hi toks: )

    wow you are doing amazing!!!!!!keep it going you are a star!!!!!!

    nik x

  • Vanessa

    17 May 2012, 8.32am

    Toks, I saw you cross the line, and it brought a tear to my eye, you are quietly just digging away day in day out without fail. You are a true hero and I know you will keep on going.... I promise that just because the wheels came off today does not mean that they will stay off, they can be put back on even better than before. Keep going girl, one step, one second at a time... sending a big hug, you are an inspiration!

  • Penny Moreton

    17 May 2012, 4.01pm

    Each step each breath and you are growing stronger in your quest, your mental strength is second to none, you are a true inspiration Toks - you are going to succeed in this challenge keep the faith afterall if this was easy everyone would want to do it - go for it exceptional woman!!

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