I get knocked down but I get up again, no one is ever gonna keep me down :-)

By Tinu Ogundari, 24 August 2011 – 1 comment

Hello readers and supporters,

I had a bleep in training in the last week thursday. I fell down and hurt my knees so bad (got pictures but too graphic to be shown!).  I was doing my normal pace of slow running and then out of no where just fell and did not realise i was injured untill another 400 yards of running again! 

Bless my daughters they looked after me and plastered me up and sang 'chambawamba' song for me which is the title of this blog, so very fitting for the situation really :-)

During the resting of the knees, was practising yoga poses which is very good and will be greatly beneficial for the body with the amount of training that my body is going to be bombareded with! Any core work exercises are going to come in handy for the heavy running!

I got back to the training today :-) after 6 days of resting the knees. I did an hour run of 4 miles and really enjoyed it, no aches and the knees hold up and they were fine :-)

I guess there will be bleeps in the training but hoefully no lasting damages that will unable to get me and my fellow runners to the starting line up!

keep the donations going to anyone of us :-) thanks for the support :-)


Tinu (Toks) Ogundari 


1 comment

  • Olamide

    24 August 2011, 8.22pm

    Good job on the run, quite surprised that you were able to get back so soon. But happy that the body held up and that u are doing well.

    I'm proud of you and keep up the good work.

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