The Final Countdown

By Sally Ford, 01 May 2012 – 0 comment

Less than 2 weeks to go. AAAAARRRRGGGGHH!!!!!

Training is back on track and just in time too. I managed my first 10 day stretch of running for a long time with some high mileage thrown in. More of a mental boost than a physical one. The injury is still niggling and will no doubt raise it's ugly head during the 10 days but I seem to be controlling it ok (or maybe I'm just getting used to it). Anyway as Graham said, by the time you get to day 5 or 6 everything else will hurt so much you probably won't notice it. How reassuring!

 I was out on the course last week. It felt very strange and my heart was racing as I set off. I'm so glad I did it, hopefully it will lessen the nerves on day 1. My last marathon before the big one was on Sunday. A great practice for Lakeland weather even though it was in Milton Keynes. Torrential rain and high winds made for an unpleasant 26.2 miles. Had I not been part of the pacing team I think I would have taken one look at the weather and gone back to bed!

I seem to have gone into overdrive now at home trying to get organised for leaving the family for 10 days. The 10 day schedule is done of who needs to be where and when, the freezer is gradually filling up with meals for everyone and I have a massive suitcase in my bedroom that I keep throwing things in as I remember I need them.

My main fundraising event is also this coming weekend so lots to do for that. I'd like to say a massive thank you to Graham at Carus Green Golf Club and Mike from LIFT financial for all their support and help. It should be a great evening and hopefully raise loads of money.

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