Give me the Beer!!

By Paul Dewar, 16 November 2011 – 3 comments

Morning all. Just about have a half hour spare to bang the keyboard and give you all a catch up on the last few weeks. It's been a busy time, loads of work, loads of running, a week away in Kenya (seems like ages ago now) and some lovely ale to drink.

I managed 26 miles when I was away which was OK but I had sort of planned to do a few more. Things were not made easy for me. I was just settling in to my first run on the treadmill when the hulking form of the giant gym instructor suggested that perhaps I would like to make use of some of the other equipment available. Er, no not really I thought but decided against actually saying this out loud as the guy looked like he would have been able to bench press me without breaking sweat. After 5 minutes or so I stepped off the machine and started to stretch and warm down (yep, I did say stretch and warm down - trying to do things properly nowdays). I was slightly perturbed when a teenage girl stepped onto the treadmill and decided to go for what can only be described as a Sunday afternoon stroll. Several thoughts ran through my head, "Don't they know what I'm doing next year?" "Don't they realise I need to keep my training up?" and "This would never happen to Foxy - he would've been instantly recognised" Ah well, I suppose my legs enjoyed the lower mileage.

October's mileage ended up just over 200 which I was pleased with although I had a bit of a niggle in the right knee, which I think I did whilst swimming bizzarely enough. Anyway, after a few light days it seems to have sorted itself out. I realise that for this type of event training I need to tune into what my legs and body are telling me and react accordingly. Come the New Year I think I shall have to employ the talents of a sports massagey therapisty type person to make sure everything stays in working order.

A couple of weeks ago Paul & Anita at the Ulverston Brewing Company (purveyors of fine ales, brewers extraodinaire and all round good guys. Tours are available etc etc etc) perfected a new brew. I went up to the brewery to sample the beer that was duly christened "10 in 10" ale. It has to be said that it is a lovely pint and we have it on the bar for the next month or so with 15p a pint for Brathay. They will be brewing some more in January for me hopefully, so I shall have to see if they can bottle a few for my running collegues in May. Might be a bit difficult as I know a bottling run is for a few hundred bottles. Shall have to use that old line" I will be forced to take my business elsewhere". (Only joking Paul & Anita)

 I'm on 42 minutes now so time to go, don't forget we are all doing this to help Brathay and the great work they do, never mind Sir Terry and his charity do later this week give it to one of the motly crew that are running around a very large pond in The Lake District next May.

Thanks for reading, have fun and get running





  • Penny Moreton

    16 November 2011, 6.07pm

    Good to hear the mileages are picking up Paul, I realise it would be a trifle difficult with running the Stan Laurel - but you are more than welcome to come and taste Hoad Hill Harriers for a few runs on a Monday or Thursday evening, based at Glaxo.

    Also can recommend Liz Leech based at the Herbalist for massages - she kept me in tact over my 10/10 training months and beyond.

    All the best

  • Davey Green

    16 November 2011, 8.45pm

    If you need help to sample some beer then please bring with you to Brathay and I'll give you my professional opinion.

    About two crates should last your 10in10 colleagues a weekend.

    Cheers !

  • Jean

    17 November 2011, 1.08pm

    Good one Paul..but surely the others will not be able too run with bottled beer in there pockets..He!He! Keep on running..x

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