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22 May 2012

They think it's all over, well it is now!

Well, that’s it. I have completed the challenge of running 10 marathons in 10 days and what a fantastic achievement it is.

Day 10 seems to have glided by in a blur really.  The start time for the 10 ers was an hour earlier than the main field, to allow us all to get back in reasonable time for the presentations. Therefore, I was up at 6am for breakfast and my final rub down and strapping up of the ankle ready for the days events. The weather, I have to say was superb, and as I walked down to physio The Langdales were bathed in the early morning sunshine and looked magnificent. Sometimes it is easy to forget what a beautiful part of the world I live in. This sort of set the mood for the day, nice and positive and upbeat. Once physio was done I went through my normal pre-race routine and arrived in the athletes’ room where there was a sense of real occasion. Several previous 10 ers were milling around to calm nerves and offer their congratulations on getting to the final day. Before long it was just after  9am and Aly gave us all a speech to sum up what we had all been through and to go out there and enjoy it. Rousing stuff indeed. We were then introduced to the huge crowd and had the obligatory photo call before another rousing speech from Foxy.  We were all then led down the drive, which, until I saw the video, I didn’t realise the amount of people that were following us. After a quiet moment amongst ourselves we were off on the final lap of the lake.

Run wise, I felt a bit lethargic, like I was struggling to run at a pace I wanted to. In the back of my mind I was going to see how I felt at the first big hill at 7 miles and if I was OK I wanted to give it some beans for the rest of the run. As it was, I was struggling on the downhills with ankle and lower leg issues and my left knee was trying to join the party too. After a few more miles my knee seemed to sort itself out but the tank was empty and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to push the pace for any amount of time so was happy to run in at what has become my usual pace. After whooping and hollering all the way up the drive I crossed the line and recorded a 3hr 45, for the 3rd day on the trot. Lots of hugs all round and a pint of 10 in 10 ale was thrust into my hand, followed by an interview with the local press. I have just read the article and Trudi went straight out to buy several more copies to send to family members. People have been congratulating me and shaking my hand, it still hasn’t sunk in yet but it’s getting there. I find myself pumping the air in joy when nobody is around and reflecting on a job well done all round

For me, I have been lucky, and the journey hasn’t been the emotional rollercoaster that some have been through. Injury wise I have also been lucky, having only the overuse injury down the side of the shin into the ankle, although, as I sit here doing this it is the size of a balloon. It’s almost as if my body knows it’s not going running for a few days and has decided to let go. In all, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I have met some fantastic, inspirational people along the way, especially my 3 roommates who I thought were just awesome both on and off the pitch so to speak, also Aly and Mac who are motivational geniuses.  I hope that I will meet up with everyone again at events around the country and back here in The Lake District in the autumn and next spring.

And the two most asked questions since Sunday?

What do you do next?  Who knows, Lancaster Marathon next month may be a good place to start.

Would I do it again?  Yes I would, but I will let some others saviour the experience first.

Finally, Thanks to my lovely wife Trudi, who really didn’t get much of a say in whether I did this or not, without her none of this would have been possible and her support has been second to none. To my family and friends who all thought I was mad but came round in the end and have been a great support, and finally thanks to all those who I have never met but have read and followed the blogs. I hope somewhere along the line, somebody will have been inspired to stretch themselves to their limits, to help others less fortunate than themselves and to be a good role model for the youngsters of this country.

For the last time keep on running and enjoy. It’s been a pleasure.


By Paul Dewar, 22 May 2012 – 4 comments

19 May 2012

Let's do a lap of honour, shall we?

Hi folks. Well after nine training runs we are finally at the main event for the weekend, the lap of honour beckons. Not really sure what to expect tomorrow, it will be a bit surreal I feel. We are just 18 ordinary folks plodding around a beautiful lake, but tomorrow we are elevated to legendary status which I can't get my head round. I have just spent the day with several past 10 in 10 legends, running and listening to there advice and yet I can't quite believe that we are all on the verge of joining thier ranks. Do we deserve it? I'm not sure, we are doing what we love for a worthy cause.

Today was an interesting run, set of a bit slower than usual with the aim of saving something in the tank for tomorrow, not sure I managed that as I stepped on the gas for the last 4 miles. Felt really comfortable though and I was pleased to sneak in at 3:45. Tomorrow we are the hares , setting off an hour earlier than the main field and being chased down. It will be wierd when the front runners catch us as we have enjoyed the road to ourselves for so many days.

Weather: Overcast again, perfect runnuing conditions

Legs: Left calf had a big lump in that has been ironed out now, usual imnjury but all OK otherwise.

General mindset: Got to be buzzing in the morning, The culmination of several months hard training will come to an end. Will be special.

Physio: All about controling injuries now. The guys laid on party cake and party bags for us all as a celebration for tomorrow. They have been fantastic and are a credit to Graham and Roxy at Body Rehab

I will do a blog in the days following the event, but in case some you lose interest as the event is over I feel it is only right and proper to say a few words about Aly and Mac. They are absolute pillars of the event. Without them the event would not be the same. They have worked tirelesly to look after our every whim, both at Brathay and whilst out on the road, making sure we can all remain focussed on the task in hand. It has been a pleasure to meet them and be a part of the Brathay family for 10 days. They are the true legends of the event.

To all my fellow running collegues, good luck for tomorrow, let's all go out and enjoy it and have a damn good shindig after!!!

Last but not least, my cheerleaders for the day, as usual they have been great and it makes such a difference knowing that they support me. Fantastic guys. Thanks

Benjamin, loved the gold medal, it will have pride of place when I get home. Thanks

See ya soon folks


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18 May 2012

Are we there yet?

NO....Welcome to day 8 in the big Brathay house......and another marathon. Today was a good day for a number of reasons. Day 8 done and dusted, very important, one that I was worried about. Now all we have left is the trifling amount of 52.4 miles over the next few days and we have cracked it. Mind you, having said that it will be easier said than done. 

There is an atmosphere of excitement begining to build now as 10 in 10 ers from previous years start to arrive. It's great to meet them as these are the guys that the current crop were inspired by and there are always words of encouragement and advice if needed. Thanks guys. Also, the site is being turned into a Marathon venue for Sunday, ready for the mass race. Hopefully the weather will hold for the fun day.

Of other noteable things for the day, Howard completed his 200th marathon and was given the dubious pleasure of leading the field, also Keith completed his 50th marathon, both great milestones in distance running. I, however managed to complete my 17th marathon, erm, bit of a way to go for me then! Well done to both of them.

A word or two about one of my collegues. If ever you were in any doubt about donating money to this cause here is a quick sentence or two to help you decide. Fozzy, a Scotsman made from iron has had countless bandages and and many hours of physio on his ankles as, well to put it bluntly they are knackered and any sane person would not run on them. Last night after 2.5 hours on the slab and both ankles encased in tape he hobbled to bed with several pieces of toast. He phoned his wife to tell her how much he was looking forward to the run today, whilst my room mates and I just shook our heeds in wonderment. Don't forget he could hardly walk at this stage. Fast forward to today, and he was absolutely bouncing down the road like a running terminator on speed, amazing. The guy beat me, but to be honest he is a far better runner than I am.  This is just one guy, and all the others have similair stories going on. Inspiration comes from within this group and it will be sad to them go on Monday

Today running wise was OK, felt better than yesterday, but wanderd through a rough patch going through Bowness for a mile or two before getting my act together. Injury wise, nothing new going on, just the usual in the ankle/shin dept. Body Rehab are keeping it under control and it doesn't appear to be getting any worse.

Weather: Overcast and dull, perfect for running.

Legs: Feeling suprisingly good at the mo, be stiff in the morning though.

General Mindset: Good, the finishing post is approaching, but I do feel tired. Not suprising really.

Physio: Miracle workers, the lot of them.

Thanks again for all the support, both on and away from the course.

Day 9, then the lap of honour!!!


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17 May 2012


Hi peoples, another day another marathon, well it's what we seem to do at the moment. It's funny, but when I'm out on the road plodding along with my mind in neutral I can think of loads of stuff to write in this blog, but as soon as I come to write it, with a meal in my belly, physio done and a beer in my hand I seem to forget everything I'd thought of and sit with a blank mind. What can I remember from the run, apart from the fact it hurts, that's a given. Ah yes, about 5 miles in I had a few burps that caused me to eject some erm vomit. Thankfully it turned out to be more of a discomfort than a major problem and after a few miles of burps was able to forget about it. Not sure what caused it but didn't seem to affect me.  What else, Aly pretending that jaffa cakes( other orangy flavoured biscuits are available) were a suitable pair of sunglasses, brings a smile to the face when all you can think about is how tired you are.

Today, I felt tired and lethargic for some reason, maybe the fact that I had a reasonable day yesterday and my fastest time took a bit more out of me than I thought. I think most of us were feeling a fatigued today so I wasn't alone. Also today was one of the days that I thought would be a difficult one form the outset, maybe that was at the back of my mind. The other day, I here you ask? Tomorrow, day 8!!! we will see what happens.

Injury wise, things are much the same. The guys at Body Rehab are controlling the inflammation as much as possible and keeping the foot nice and flexible. So far so good, I just need it to hold out for another 78.6 miles and then it can fall apart.

Weather: Rainy to start which turned drizzly and wasn't too bad to run in.

Physio: I cannot say how good these guys are. Normally we have 2 guys working on us at the same time and they are good.

Legs: Tired, lethargic legs that were starting to go walkabout towards the end

General Mindset: Still positive about everything and have managed to stay in a good place throughout. All the support helps greatly.

Sorry it's short and sweet, but to put it plainly "I'm done in, cream crackered, pooped" Not suprising is it really 7 down now, only 2 to go followed by a victory lap.

See you all tomorrow folks.


By Paul Dewar, 17 May 2012 – 7 comments

16 May 2012

I don't know, too tired to think.

Hi guys, once again I must say a big thanks to all those bods who continue to support  not only me, but everyone who has embarked upon this challenge. It is great to get messages and comments and it  us very motivational.

Well to the business of the day, day 6. Everyday I have been nervous before the run and today was no exception. In fact I think this was the worst day so far. As most of you will know I am carrying an injury in the lower shin which is worrying as I hope that it will not get much worse before the 10th day. It took a few miles for the pain to ease but unlike yesterday the pain remained with me for the rest of the run. In fact I was sucking on pain killers during the return journey up the lake which to be honest didn't seem to make much difference. When I finished I found out I had posted the fastest time so far, which could also explain why it was hurting a touch.

Life in the big Brathay house continues, we are all like a giant family now with Aly and Mac at the head of the family, supporting each other and living in the parallel universe. I think the great Steve Edwards called it The Brathay Bubble. A very apt name.


Weather: Started nice and sunny, maybe a little warm for running but the sun soon dissapeared and at times it felt a bit chilly.

Legs: Apparently, according to my physios Mel and Alex, who have worked on me today, I am "in good shape for someone who has run 6 marathons" 

Physio: had the dubious pleasure of having needles stuck down the side of my shin and Graham sorting out my hip flexor by going through the abdominal muscles. A most weird sensation!! all to do with sorting out this injury.

General mindset: Another good day in the end, Trudi and Jean out and about helps and a nice time to boot

Bizarre stuff: last year I came here on the Sunday and ran the marathon. It was the first marathon I had run for a number of years after various injuries and was very enjoyable. Today I ran better on marathon No 6 than last year by nearly 2 minutes. To me that is bizarre!

Seem to be struggling to concentrate so that is all you are going to get for today. Feeling tired so going to finish my beer and head to bed. Back in for physio at 7am.

See ya later


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15 May 2012

Half way there folks

Hi folks, well I don't like to dwell too much in it but we are halfway there. Yipee, But like I said, it is still

a hell of a long way to go.

This morning started of with me wondering how I was ever going to run a marathon, got up and had to hold on with both hands to walls, and banisters to get downstairs. Thankfully, things did get better and by the time I staggered down to Body Rehab and had been iced, lasered and strapped up I was just about ready to go. I semi hobbled down to the start and set off in some pain but once the first few miles had been bashed out things started to ease, probably helped by the overdose of painkillers and ibrubrofen. Once again, the physio guys are spot on and, although painfull, it can be amusing. The run actually went well after that and I enjoyed the fastest time of the challenge so far, though how, I'm not sure.

While we have just mentioned the physios, here is a nice little story for you. Mr Matt Dunn, fellow runner, room mate and all round good guy was on the table next to me. When the physio guys are digging in to the muscles there can be a natural tendency to tense up, and perhaps relax other areas of the body. It was at one of these moments that Matt unfortunately, how shall we say 'let one go', 'passed wind', or plain old fashioned farted. It was a classic moment of comedy which was then repeated once again, just for good measure. You could honestly write a film on the goings on in this place, although I'm not sure what the rating would be though.

Weather: Everything, rain and hail, but only in small doses thankfully, bit of sun and lots of cloud.

Legs: The lower shin is easing but isn't going to heel any time soon. It's all about pain management. The other bits of my legs are not too bad today.

Physio: Mainly been about controlling the injury.

General mindset: had lots of good messages, really nervous this morning but all went well in the end.

Bizarre stuff: Please Jim, enough of the thongs already!!! Somehow I thing that there may be more to come.

And finally, met John Dawson today, 10 in 10 legend twice over and great inspiration.

Back tomorrow folks


By Paul Dewar, 15 May 2012 – 14 comments

14 May 2012

Welcome to........

........the Brathay House of Pain. Although when I thought of this title I was in a some considerable pain and hardly able to bend one ankle. Thankfully once again Body Rehab came charging to the rescue and once past the ITB stripping thing which is the most painful thing in the world EVER I was treated to a nice bit of localised iceing and some laser treatment, much nicer all round.

Today was a reasonable run, the legs are sore and it does taker a few miles for the general stiffness to ease. My problem today was the area at the bottom of the shin which decided that it did not want to play ball until about mile 8 when the pain subsided and I was able to run with out worrying too much about it. However, when I finished it was all I could do to hobble into a chair and collapse.

 The devil's ice bucket has now been tamed I am pleased to say, today was another 10 minutes which flew by. It's almost a pleasure to go in it now, how things move on in just a few days!

 Weather: Another good running day, breezy at times and the odd shower.

Legs: Apart from the aforementioned shin problem, not too bad. I think now the pain is constant so what was painful 2 days ago would be absolute bliss now

Physio: What can you say, hard working and don't mind the foul utterances  that seems to come out of my mouth without warning.

General Mindset: Still good, been buoyed by seeing support for the past couple of days from various people and always good to see Trudi even when she takes some disturbing photos of me.(facebook tells all)

Bizarre Stuff: A house named Randy Pike and a satellite dish in the middle of some woods.

On a sad note, to the gentleman whose dog ran across the road when he was trying to talk to me and support me, and unfortunately his dog was hit by a passing car...really sorry.

Well I think you may know the routine by now, beer, feet up, sleep, breakfast, physio and erm let me think, oh yes a run around the lake.

Thanks again for all the support from everyone, it really helps things along. Be back tomorrow folks with more tales from The Brathay House of Pain!!!


By Paul Dewar, 14 May 2012 – 11 comments

13 May 2012

Another one in the bag

Hi folks, a bit later today, for those waiting for an update but believe it or not you don't get much time to spare with this multiple marathon malarkey.

Normally surface at around 7 am and head to the breakfast bar, a large canteen/dining area crammed with every healthy variety of breakfast imaginable. No full english here, just porridge, honey and banana for me. Then, wander down to the magicians at body rehab for a more gentle massage, if that is possible, before returning to the lodge to sort my stuff out. Starts are at 10.30 so I like to wander down on my own at around 9.30 and try to focus on the run ahead. Normally have a little time on my own before phoning Trudi and getting changed. From then on it's a nice hub ub and gentle commotion , then down to the start.

A quick belt round the lake, then back to casualty for stretches, food and comfort. Today was like a scene from Holby City or whatever it'd called. Runners staggering in at various times with various pains and niggles, getting ice cuffs on the serious stuff, and generally flaking out. Everyone is suffering now, some more than others, but we will go on.

More of the daily routine to follow, don't want to bore you all silly.

Now the usual guff:

Weather: Excellent running conditions, with a blustery wind at times. Behind us on the way back which was good.

Legs: Yep, they are still there, quads are knackered but there you go, what do you expect. IBT on the left side is tight as hell.

Physio: These guys are good, I won't say that at the time coz it is painful, really, really painful.

General Mindset: Still in a good place but as they say 'tomorrow is another day'

Bizarre Stuff: Jim Meta stood on the lawn with a dozen of us to welcome Stuart back after a particular hard day, the bizarre bit? He was only wearing a pair of tartan speedos and a T-shirt!!! Very funny, you had to be there.

  Right then, time for a beer and feet up. Oh by the way 10 mins in the devil's ice bucket with some bubbles at the end.

Many thanks to those guys that made the effort to support us on the course today. It"s great and gives everyone a lift.

See you tomoz guys


By Paul Dewar, 13 May 2012 – 9 comments

12 May 2012

No, no, not the devil's ice bucket!!!

Hi folks, firstly thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement, especially my sister who decided to comment for her kids aswell. Another day and guess what, I think it calls for a run around the lake.

Today was not too bad on the whole "it's going to hurt like hell' scenario, although I'm sort of expecting it to go up in increments till the last day. My thighs, beautiful as they are, are suffering a bit, ie I don't appear to have the ability to walk down stairs at the moment, even after I have suffered 10 minutes immersion in what can only be described as "the devil's ice bucket". When you go to nice sunny climes and moan about the pool being a tad chilly, I suggest you try an ice bath. It's cold about 3 degrees, but after the burning sensation has passed, yes, burning sensation, your legs are just numb so you can't feel anything anyway and they are the colour of a cooked lobster. Nice.

Weather: Lovely day today, with a light breeze. Maybe a tad warm for running especially the second half, but better than the rain.

Legs: Bit stiff this morning. As already mentioned my quads have just gone through the door marked 'world of pain' though I suspect there is more to come

Physio: Ouch, I got ganged up on this morning by 2 of the smallest adults ever, but boy did it hurt. Can't believe they just use their thumbs!! They are good though

General mindset: Yep, 20% done, in a happy place at the mo. You will know when I'm not when I don't waffle so much

Bizarre stuff: Car being driven by a dog! Oh no the dog sat on the drivers lap with its head out the window, slight hallucination, sorry.

Right need to go and stuff my face to replace the 3000 odd calories burnt.

 Don't forget the cumbrialivetv sight for daily updates.

Bye for now. Paul,


By Paul Dewar, 12 May 2012 – 6 comments

11 May 2012

We' re off!!!

Well finally after months of training and a couple of weeks of tapering 18 bodies were welcomed onto the lawn here at Brathay with a generous round of applause. Several press members, the famous fell runner Joss Naylor, and a large gentleman with a shotgun. Don't worry, for those who have run Brathay marathon you will know that this is a tradition.


Weather: Overcast, few light showers with a light wind. Ideal conditions for running

Legs: Yep, still got them attached. Don't feel too bad at the moment

Physio: Only a couple of expletives, so not bad. Lee however on the next bed was suffering a tad more than me probably not aided by Foxy and me chortling away at his dis-comfort

General mindset: so far so good. Only 1 down I know, and 9 to go but best think about that at the mo or my brain will melt.

For those that would like to view the days events pop along to or follow the links on the main page

Don't forget that you can still donate at www.justgiving/compaul-dewar10-in-10


Thanks guys. See you soon

By Paul Dewar, 11 May 2012 – 11 comments

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