Gregarious Loner

By Lee Boniface, 08 April 2012 – 4 comments

Hi so very sorry for not posting for so long , but raising money and running has taken up most of my time.

Below is a short video of my feelings at the moment, it might seem a bit down, however this is not the case, I think its more my brain just working out just what I have to do.

 The title of this blog post is what someone called me a couple of weeks ago and seems a perfect fit for how I view myself


  • Nigel Dobson

    10 April 2012, 7.45pm

    I have every confidence in you Lee. I am sure you will do it. Just keep taking the Keo.

    Uncle Nige.

  • Warren

    10 April 2012, 8.28pm

    You can do it Lee - keep the faith!

  • Penny Moreton

    11 April 2012, 3.21pm

    Lee, thank you for that monologue, I feel you have no need to doubt yourself as you have/are expereincing the very real reality of this challenge with courage and determination. When I travelled on my journey to the start after 16 months of preparation and wonderings of can/could I fulfill this amazing dream it all came together. you need to remember you are a stong person and no less a strong person for feeling vulnerable just now. Good luck in Brighton and on the solitary road on Monday. I look forward to meeting you on the 20th and running behind you in the masses on that Sunday - I have every confidence in you.

  • Jim Meta

    12 April 2012, 7.47pm

    Lee you put into words what I went through in 2010. I got my PB about 4 weeks before the 10in10,13 years after setting it in 1997. I wanted to better my 2010 time for the 10in10, ego as you say, but it won't happen. Haven't run a sub 4 hour since my TiT. But I still have dreams, and still want to do my best, and that's really all we can do. The fact that you want to try raises you above the rest. And from what I've seen nothing will stop you. See you soon

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