I Am Playing All The Right Notes But Not Necessarily in The Right Order

By Lee Boniface, 25 January 2012 – 3 comments

That’s one of my favourite lines from Morecambe and Wise, for me they are timeless and remind me of Christmases with my mum , dad , brother and my nan and grandad all sitting in my nans living room watching Morecambe and Wise Christmas special.

Special memories of laughter and feeling safe and really belonging to something important.Move forward to the modern day and Ems and I and the rest of the family have those special Christmases, that we had in the past, it's as if each generation just passes it down the line.

What if Your Childhood Was Crap Though!!

This is not to say that it's guaranteed that you will pass that on to your children, however it seems more likely, or at least, put another way each generation stands on the shoulders of its forebears, and the more you are given in guidance and encouragement the more tools you have to navigate life's many corridors.

This is where I feel charities such as Brathay have such a pivotal role to play, helping disadvantaged children not only help themselves but future generations as they become more, flexible and informed parents.

Why I am Doing The 10 in 10

A short video recorded on a 21 mile training run explaining why I love running and why I feel the brathay trust is such an exceptional cause to give to.

Please Give What You Can For The Brathay Trust


  • Jim Meta

    25 January 2012, 10.20pm

    It's great when you have happy childhood memories. I love the video, made me quite emotional, thinking of my own gran,and mum, long gone.


  • lee

    25 January 2012, 10.41pm

    Thanks Jim for me thats the conection. As you say happy memories and great learnings, thats what they leave us. And i feel people like brathay trust can really help kids deliver that to their kids, and onwards, its really like throwing a pebble in a pool, it ripples out.

  • Penny Moreton

    26 January 2012, 12.24pm

    Great video Lee, memories are important it is those that drive us on to what sometimes seems as insurmountable hills, that they become mere molehills. All the very best.

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