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By Lee Boniface, 16 January 2012 – 2 comments

My weekend Meeting The Brathay Marathon

brathay 10 in 10 2012I am writing this on. The train returning from a weekend at the venue where I will run 10 marathons in 10 days. The location is the beautiful Brathay which is in Cumbria .18 of the victims , sorry I meant participants were in attendance, the purpose of the meet up was for us to get to know each other and get a clear picture of just what we are letting ourselves in for plus to run the brathay course.

Stunning location it's hard to put into words just how stunning of a location Brathay is, it really has a real magic, that seems to just get under your skin, then you meet Aly and Mac husband and wife team, who are there to deal with your every need, and have a commitment level second to none, especially when you consider Aly has done the10 in 10 herself too

The Brathay Marathon Course Test Drive

10 in 10 marathon

After a lovely Friday night getting to know each other and some quite wonderful food and some Stella at the bar, on Saturday morning we were led out to the road and we were off and running the famous Windermere marathon route, I had the great Foxy who is revisiting this event for the third time. He talked me round the course giving me invaluable tips, pointing out the hills, which my legs were soon made aware of, it really is a monster of a course wrapped up in a beautiful package, stunning views, mountain streams and ups and downs, that I know will test me to my very limit and then some.

As I ran with Foxy who has run this course in excess of 30 times I really wondered, do I have what it takes to undertake this most challenging of events.

As we climbed up the famous ice cream hill, I could imagine the sheer repetition of this and other hills taking its heavy toll on all areas of my body, over the ten days. However this day was about one run and those concerns are for another day, as Foxy and I glided our way into the famous finishing point at the front of Brathay just under 4 hrs I felt really proud not only to be running this event but to be part of a team raising money for such a fantastic charity as the brathay trust which helps kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

lake windermere marathon

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid Of |The Brathay 10 In 10

Sunday started with an early warm down run of 5 miles 7am that morning, the legendary Steve Edwards led they way the only person to do the 10 in 10. Four times, well his idea of a warm down and mind are two different things, however I hung in there and got back in time for a top notch fry up, and lots of good banter form team mate Davy.

The rest of the day was talking about nutrition from team Nutriion and from body Rehab who will basically put us back together each day, both presentations pointed out the challenge in its starkest way this is going to hurt in ways you can never imagine, body rehab went through a kind of top ten injuries that can and have happened in past 10 in 10s, at this point all of us in the room could be aware of what we had bitten off we could not chew! There was no way to avoid injury or pain or discomfort, it's all part of the package.

The Brathay Trust Is Worth The Pain

As I write this piece there are goose bumps on my arms and tears in my eyes which is quite embarrassing when you are on a packed train, however these emotions are born out of stark terror of what I have taken on in tandem with an absolute pride of the cause I am doing this for, the brathay trust, a charity that takes kids from some of the most underprivileged backgrounds in the UK and helps them develop the tools for a productive and forward moving life.

I hope you can believe me that every bit of pain and discomfort will be worth it for this great UK charity, all you have to do is if you so wish is donate and brathay and the 2012 10 in 10 team will do the rest.

Please Help Me Help Disadvantaged Children Make A Donation And Help A Great UK Charity


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  • Nigel Dobson

    16 January 2012, 1.16pm

    So now you know what you are in for Lee. Glad you had a good weekend and enjoyed it, apart from the trains. What date are you doing it ?.

    best wishes ,

    Un cle Nige.

  • Foxy

    16 January 2012, 8.24pm

    a pleasure to be your tour guide Lee was a perfect day for a run :)

    Uncle Nige - 12th - 20th May :)

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