By Karen (Kaz) Hurrell, 17 May 2012 – 3 comments 6 turned out to be a far tougher day that anticipated. Not physically, though the right leg has decided it's being left out in the niggle stakes, but more emotionally.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep (the cough and sinus issue is still ongoing) as well as the toll of five days of marathons but I knew early on it would be 'one of those days'.  It was a glorious day (unlike today's mizzly start) and looking at the scenery in the early miles got me thinking about a few holidays I had in the Lakes with my parents when I was growing up.  Course that got me thinking about how much I miss them - how sad I am that Dad never go to see me run a marathon at all and that Mum missed this, and so many other things, once the dementia took hold.  I was expecting tomorrow, the anniversary of Mum's funeral, to be the day when I get really emotional so was a little taken by surprise.  Though from talking to some of the others I think it was a pretty emotional day all round.

The odd thing about yesterday was that, tears and tiredness apart, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Yes I'm getting more niggles and I'm not as fast as I would like to be but I am enjoying this whole experience more than I ever imagined I would.  Each day when I'm on the course I fall in love with the area a little bit more - oh to win that lottery (or meet that millionaire) and be able to up sticks and move up here!

The Class of 2012 and our support team are a really fab bunch of people and life in the Brathay Bubble is amazing.  I feel so honoured and lucky to be part of this experience.

So onwards to Day 7 - hopefully no more tears today (other than the ones shed whilst typing this blog!)!

And lastly, thanks again for the messages (by assorted media!) of support.  It really does help x



  • Snowwy

    17 May 2012, 11.16am


    Loved your comments. It takes someone with real strength of character to share some of the things you have. my thoughts, and prayers go with you today.

    Keep up the good work and whether you find the Millionaire, Win the lottery or anything else, you will have found out considerably more about yourself by the end of it!

    With every blessing, The Snowman!

  • Steve Edwards

    17 May 2012, 12.05pm

    Nothing wrong with shedding tears Kaz, also appreciate the intimacy of your blog. Really pleased your enjoying this wonderful experience, stay strong, keep banging those miles out and you will triumph. I wish you the very best of luck with the remaining days of your journey, see you soon x

  • Penny Moreton

    17 May 2012, 3.28pm

    Day 7 was indeed my emotional day Kaz, having very recently lost my father and had to sell family home and pop my mother into long term care - this was the day I shared all my 10/10 thoughts with my folks, lots of joy and emotional tears. However we would not be human if we can't release our thoughts and demons and what better a place to be uplifted than on a challenge such as this and with the invaluable support crew and team mates.

    Continue to stay in the moment and keep strong you are going to succeed and both of them would be extremely proud of you - I know I am x

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