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24 May 2011

They think its all over

Day 10 has been and everyone of the 13 starters finished, the first time ever as a group we all helped each other through some low moments and we all shared our high moments.

The highest moment was the final award ceremony as everybody received their momento of a tremendous achievement.

Everybody and I mean everybody obtained a massive level of achievement to get up everyday for 10 days and run through pain and sleep depravation, stomach complaints and show strong mental fortitude.

One thing everybody should take away from this is pride in themselves for completing.

Thanks for helping everyone of us complete go out to the following and I hope I remember everybody

Aly and Mack, Deena, Silivya, Graham and the Body Rehab team, Scott, Sian, the kitchen chefs, Sherpa Ben, Jim, Chris, Steve and Theresa, Michelle plus everybody else at the Brathay Trust

Many thanks for your support but if you would still like to give then please do at


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21 May 2011

At long last

finally day 9 has come and gone all 13 started and all 13 finished, which means only 26.2 miles to go and the final procession down the runaway at the end. Lets get all 13 back tomorrow

Today the road kill was 2 a blackbird and a blue tit but thankfully Sherpa Ben our official slave has created a bit more road kill for us to view tomorrow killing a little baby rabbit.

Bring on tomorrow


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20 May 2011

Another day done, thank goodness

Today all 13 of us pushed through the 200 miles run barrier and left us at the end of the day with just a meagre 52.4 miles to go or a weekend double what could be easier.

It was great to see John Dawson finishing today and everybody clapping him across the finish line, hopefully soon he will have his new world record.

Once again the sun was out today making an unusal trip to the rainy area of Wiindermere, apparantly it had all of the tourist's confused!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow with hopefully more support out there to push us through the final hurdle

Many thanks


By John Errington, 20 May 2011 – 1 comments

19 May 2011

under 100 to go

today at 4.9 miles we hit single figures until the end as we broke through the 100 miles to go barrier and at the end all 13 of us omly have 78.6 miles to go, sounds very easy now we have gone so far down the line.

Today was a good day fro me running getting away nice an quickly into my running rythem and didnt get passed by Andy until the top of the hill at 7.5 miles what surprised him was when I overtook him again at 8 miles and I think paced him round until the 14.6 miles when he overtook me again and just left me behind to finish in first place again. So my second place again was a good result in a time of 3:48 not bad for day 7.

So tomorrow we go through the 200 miles completed barrier another landmark reached for everybody as we all approach the 262 mile barrier by the end of Sunday.

Todays road kill count was one new blackbird at mile 18.5 a squirrel did run in front of me but I didnt have the speed to get in.

Dont forget to donate at

Many thanks


By John Errington, 19 May 2011 – 2 comments

18 May 2011

Jig done at 150

Today at the end of day 6 we have reached 157.2 miles and by mile 5 tomorrow we will be in single figures rather then triples.......cant bleeding wait

Todays run was an easy run to ensure lungs dont completely fall apart before the end of this little adventure, however we werent use to the fact it was actually sunny today

Badger road kill has been cleared up and nothing new on the road today but somebody did try to take Andy out with a car.

The effort being put in by all the runners to complete the 13 out and 13 back each day is absolutely tremendous with many people running through extreme pain to ensure we all finish, everybody should be very proud of themselves for what we have achieved and for what we as a group will all achieve on Sunday afternoon.

Todays highlight for me was a little jig as I hit the 150 mile mark and did give the builders something to talk about when they saw some nutter dancing on the edge of the road

Good luck to everybody running tomorrow



By John Errington, 18 May 2011 – 4 comments

17 May 2011

Halfway point

Today we as a group of 13 people reached 131 miles, with only 131 miles to go.

The group are looking strong of mind and determined to finish even if our bodies are giving way.

Today was tough for me again with the pollun affecting the asthma so badly i was able to reach vomit point on many occasions so the lungs are nice an painful tonight. Still it maybe whipping my arse at the moment but it will not stop me from completing this challanging event bring on day 6 when we start the finish straight.

The only road kill was yesterday's badger which was been savaged to death by crows who take no prisons and have now started to attack the bottles at water bottle stop six.

3rd today equal with the Foxy as we both pushed each other to the end and under the 4 hour mark, the usual foxy finish of an aeroplane was done in tandem so we looked like the red arrows.

please give me a donation if you can at

also on the telly see below

The Brathay 10 in 10, now in its fifth year, is an endurance running fundraising event to support vulnerable young people.

You can watch the event unfold and see daily race results here:

By John Errington, 17 May 2011 – 2 comments

15 May 2011

It maybe for fun but dont forget the money

Hi everyone today went a little better then yesterday and everybody apart from Liz seem to enjoy there runs today, so three days done and seven days to go or 78.6 miles run and 183.4 miles to run this will be an achievement that all 13 TiTs will complete as a group, however it is down to the support of Total Body Rehab and TFN but mostly Aly and Mack that are helping us to get through this.

Weather today was nice and wet which made a difference to the asthma but those hills are definately getting bigger each day, so the run walk strategy is becomming more common, just trying to limit the amount of walking.

Started today then didnt see anybody until the finish so was glad for the support throughout the course from everybody especially Andy's friends would see to be everywhere and Scott and family following me around.

Now dont forget we are putting ourselves through this extreme effort for chairty so if you would be so kind to donate to I will be extremely grateful

As everybody seems to be posting my urine sample is a strong orange barley colour :-)

Many thanks



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14 May 2011

Today it all went TiT's up

A very bad day at the office today with a major asthma attack at 3 miles and therefore major depletion of oxygen led to a walk and run policy - result 4:08 marathon..... major disappointment

Still at least there is always tomorrow


By John Errington, 14 May 2011 – 3 comments

13 May 2011

Day one done

Day one done, urine testing and saliva testing done, dont think we are drugs lads we are just bleeding mental to be doing the event.

3:37 today I forgot how undulating this race is with two big hills at 7 miles and 22 miles may take it a bit easier tomorrow

Drinks went a bit off today as only had 4 water stops and missed one due to a coach being parked in front of the tray - nightmare so going for 7 bottles tomorrow incase I miss any thing again.

Dinner was lovely again as is the weather now but it did rain during the day extremely heavily at certain points.

Only 9 more to go so does it get easier from here now we are all warmed up?

please dont forget its all about charity and if you would like to give at

many thanks


By John Errington, 13 May 2011 – 2 comments

12 May 2011

Its starting time

Its like Christmas Eve here today at Brathay we all know whats coming tomorrow and there are signs of anticipation, excitement and worry but the challange is definately going to be worth it, we have all been feed, debriefed and introduced to the key staff. Aly has been here to greet us all and sort us all out since our arrivals at various different parts of the afternoon, I think she is lulling us into a false sense of security :-)

With kind words from past combantants of the event including Steve Edwards we enter this challange tomorrow with the determination of completing as a group the entire set of 10 marathons and the back up of the Body Rehab Team to sort out those niggling injuries throughout the course of the ten days and the support of the group for each other will ensure that we will as a group achieve our target.

I would like to thanks all who have supported and sponsored me and the other members of the 2011 team of runners but please if you havent given any donation would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


By John Errington, 12 May 2011 – 1 comments

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