Day Six: a beautiful day in the Lake District

By Jeff Prestridge, 16 May 2012 – 1 comment

Day Six

I am blogging before my body is strapped up and mummified for the purposes of the Brathay10in10.

It is a beautiful day here in the Lakes. The sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky and the views towards the Langdales and Loughrigg are stunning and stupendous.

I feel privileged to be in God’s own country/county – Cumbria where the lambs roam free (until they are three months old) and the farmers drive their tractors as if they are latter day Nigel Mansells. And where the wild garlic teases you into grabbing the nearest frying pan and cooking a few cloves before conjuring up a scrambled egg feast.  I might well do that today if a) a farmer’s wife allows me to use her kitchen and b) I feel the urge. I will let you know.

Life is so precious. We have one chance on this God’s earth of ours. Seize it, use every moment of it and walk tall.

Thanks for supporting a tired old ginga (five foot eight and shrinking) along his journey to Sunday’s climax of the 262 mile Brathay 10in10 challenge. Everyone who has supported me along the way (donors, those who have sent messages of support), I say to you: THANK YOU.

If you fancy throwing a few pounds my way for Brathay I would be delighted:

If you fancy watching me explain my feelings about the Brathay 10in10, then visit Hunt down the day five video.

If you fancy following me on tweeter (and sending me the odd tweet), please do.

To everyone, I love you. And if you have a spare weekend coming up, get your butt up to Windermere.

I dedicate this blog to Helen and Stanley Prestridge, my parents, and Joan Clarke, the only aunt I ever had (and who has stuck with me through thick and thin) To Helen, Stanley and Joan, I am running day six for you.

1 comment

  • Penny Moreton

    16 May 2012, 12.00pm

    Brilliant blog Jeff life is indeed for the taking and living to the full - it's the little things that make the bigger picture all so much sweeter - the friendly yellow crate every 2 miles, the passing of Aly and Mac in the support cars, the ectasy of finishing another day in the most beautiful parts of the world, and to be put back together again by Graham's ninjas. Have a great day!

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