Every day it's a getting closer ...

By David Bayley, 09 May 2011 – 0 comment

....goin' faster than a rollercoaster (Buddy Holly)

Indeed the 10 in 10 is getting closer just 4 days away & wont be long before that countdown is in hours ! My weekend has been a rollercoaster - work was quiet & dull on Saturday morning, my afternoon run was shocking - slow,painful & I almost had to walk - I only went out for 4 & half miles - not the most reassuring of signs with 262 miles on the horizon. My knee swelled up to the size of a melon & have been raising & icing it all weekend whilst trying to deal with the mental demons attacking my confidence ahead of my biggest challenge. Throw in arguments with Mrs Foxy & Saturday wasnt a great day.

yesterday started brighter, the swelling on my knee had gone down substantially & Mrs Foxy did her Sunday morning treat of Pancakes & Maple syrup, I took mini fox to the park & did some loosening exercises on the outdoor gym (we are so lucky to have a proactive council who get stuff done) he loved the slide & skate park. We headed home grabbed some Twiglets before I headed back out to the pub for the game & I don't mean that Mickey Mouse one in Manchester where 75000 have to travel from Surrey,West London & Buckinghamshire & that's just the home fans ! I mean the Black Country derby Wolves v Al***n (please forgive my bad language) & as any true football fan will tell you nothing makes your weekend like hammering your local rivals.

I went out for my run last night angry with myself, angry about the situation with my knee angry about the mental state I was in & I turned that aggression into speed & banged out the best part of 3 miles in sub 7 minute miling pace.

I now head into the 10 in 10 with renewed confidence & also the knowledge that my beloved Wolves no longer occupy a relegation berth.

Day one - bring it on cos this Fox is hungry like the Wolf !

Keep on running


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